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Comment Virtual vs Real world (Score 1) 1002

My personal thoughts is yes two monitors are necessary. It is very useful to have log windows open on one monitors and code on another. It is just like the real world the larger desk the more you spread things, and in my world it is easier to organize my work flow with things spread out where i can see them.

Submission + - Virus for Teaching 1

ed1023 writes: Currently I am teaching a 101 class on computers. It is more of a demystifying the black box type of class. The current topic is computer virus. I am looking for a virus that i can infect the lab computers (only connected to local network no outside network connection) with that would be easy for the students to remove by hand. Can the Slashdot community point me any directions, is there an executable out there what would work ( this scares me), or do I try to write one my self, or is there one that is written that i can compile my self?

Submission + - Piezo Crystals Harness Sound to Generate Hydrogen ( 1

MikeChino writes: Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered that a mix of zinc oxide crystals, water, and noise pollution can efficiently produce hydrogen without the need for a dirty catalyst like oil. To generate the clean hydrogen, researchers produced a new type of zinc oxide crystals that absorb vibrations when placed in water. The vibrations cause the crystals to develop areas with strong positive and negative charges–a reaction that rips the surrounding water molecules and releases hydrogen and oxygen. The mechanism, dubbed the piezoelectrochemical effect, converts 18% of energy from vibrations into hydrogen gas (compared to 10% from conventional piezoelectric materials), and since any vibration can produce the effect, the system could one day be used to generate power from anything that produces noise — cars whizzing by on the highway, crashing waves in the ocean, or planes landing at an airport.

S3 Graphics Responds About Linux Support 114

V!NCENT writes "Phoronix has an update on S3's Linux driver state: 'We are doing an internal build of the Chrome 500 Linux driver to incorporate some of the additional hardware features and upgrades (over the Chrome 400 Series GPUs). If you want to test the Linux now, the Chrome 400 Series drivers also support the Chrome 500 Series since it is a unified driver architecture.'" (This after the beef that Phoronix raised about S3's failure to deliver on promises of better Linux support for the 500 series.)

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