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Comment I am not reading the same thing. (Score 1) 394

After another four weeks, The BFDI told Alvaro's office in a telephone call that the request had still not been forwarded to American authorities. There was, still no agreement between the US authorities and the BFDI. The American authorities would require still more data from the applicant. Nevertheless, Alvaro consented to have the data in question forwarded to the American authorities.

While indeed the article is not clear, it seems to me that the US authorities are not providing a mechanism for BFDI (or presumably any other European agency) to request the information that they HAVE to provide according to the agreement. The BFDI essentially says, we can send this info, but the Americans don't really agree it is adequate and don't really specify WHAT is adequate. It does not look like the BFDI was deliberating with itself on what to send, "There was, still no agreement between the US authorities and the BFDI", so the BFDI was communicating with the US authorities to try and get the requirements to make the request. Agreed though, it could be clearer in the article.

Comment Re:Secondary Meaning (Score 4, Insightful) 356

I think you are not seeing it correctly, the GP post is right. They did take a general user interface element and named their OS after it. That does not mean you cannot use "windows" to describe the GUI element, but you cannot ALSO name your OS "Weendows" or "Window OS" or whatever is confusingly similar to Windows. IANAL but as I understand it you could call your OS "Mouse Pointer" and trademark it, and no-one could use such a name for another OS. Now, what Apple is similar to trying to trademark "OS" as a name for their Operating System. Well, Application Store is the description of the item in question, and App Store is the short version used in many cases way before apple. I remember using the term myself.

Comment Re:Apps (Score 1) 228

Canonical had started porting Dalvik to Ubuntu, but it seems they stopped... If Intel ports Dalvik to MeeGo, they would instantly get access to all the Android apps. In fact, a MeeGo device could potentially launch different versions of the Android OS depending on what the user wants to run, making it the most compatible Android device! PS. I had made a longer (and better) post about the above, previewed it, then saw it submitted and posted correctly on the thread, but now it has just vanished (along with another couple of posts I made earlier today). Is this one of the new layout kinks?

Comment Re:Linux Support? (Score 0) 152

multichannel LPCM-audio over HDMI ? .. I haven't looked at the state of AMD video card support in Linux for a while but as recently as a couple of years ago, NVidia was the pretty much the only usable option for media centers.

I found your post pretty amusing for a couple of reasons. First, it was quite a while after AMD/ATI had LPCM-audio over HDMI support on their graphics cards that nVidia matched that feature (though they had some integrated solutions). No, two years ago you couldn't have had an nVidia card with LPCM-audio over HDMI on Linux because no nVidia card with that feature existed, but I assume the Radeon HD 4xxx series at the time would work since it supported ALSA. I have not tried it myself though, the reason taking us to the second reason of finding your post amusing. I love my Linux workstation. I can't find anything more efficient than a multi-monitor KDE setup to work on and really hate it that nowadays I have to do much work on a (dual-monitor) Mac due to my job requirements. But I still have a Windows machine driving my home theater. It is already a lot of work keeping it up with all developments so that it can play properly my entire collection of various format media files, DVD, HD-DVD, Bluray etc. Sadly, I know from experience, it would be an almost impossible task for my Linux machines, regardless of hardware. So when you say "the only usable option for media centers" and refer to a Linux machine it sounds at least strange. As much as I love using Linux, it is not just an nVidia card what is missing from it to be the base of a good HTPC. (I assume by "media center" you did NOT mean music center, which is not something hard for a Linux server, otherwise you wouldn't be asking for LPCM over HDMI.)


Submission + - Man with tiny brain lives normal life (

Ecuador writes: In a story that is sure to spur Civil Service jokes, Reuters reports:
"Scans of the 44-year-old man's brain showed that a huge fluid-filled chamber called a ventricle took up most of the room in his skull, leaving little more than a thin sheet of actual brain tissue.
"He was a married father of two children, and worked as a civil servant," Dr. Lionel Feuillet and colleagues at the Universite de la Mediterranee in Marseille wrote in a letter to the Lancet medical journal."

Comment Re:The non-intuitive solution (Score 5, Insightful) 415

Exactly my feeling and situation. After an MS in CS at a decent US University (my European BS is in Physics), I started working as an H1-b at a US firm. After two years, I am one of the most valuable members of my group and my employer definitely wants to keep me here in NY, however my fiancee is from Europe and cannot work legally here (even if I marry her). It is kind of harder for her to get an H1-b visa (her BA is in Classics, plus H1-b's are snatched instantly). The company lawyer told me that it is highly unlikely for me to get a Green card in the foreseeable future, no matter how indispensable my employer thinks I am, since according to the rules, I cannot use my experience in the current company as part of my qualifications to justify the Green card. And of course the fact that you might be exceptionally good does not matter in the application for a Green Card (unless you have made headlines - there is provision for Nobel price winners etc). So, I am kind of thinking of heading back home, of course I do make enough for a family here but my fiancee hates not being able to work and I can't blame her...
You don't have to say the US will loose if I myself leave (you don't know me to judge if it is the case), but I am sure there are many talented people out there in such a situation.

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