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Submission + - BestBuy - No Online Preorders for Wii

ectal writes: "I contacted Best Buy's customer care asking about when they would begin instore or online preorders for the Wii. From their response:

'The Nintendo Wii scheduled launch date is Sunday November 19th. Our
stores will open at 9am that day.

The Wii gaming console will only be available in Best Buy stores on the
19th- not on Bestbuy.com. Best Buy and Best Buy Dot Com will not be
taking any Wii gaming console pre-orders. We are accepting pre-orders on
games via our website.

Supply is extremely limited and Wii?s will be sold on a first come first
served basis. Before the stores open, tickets will be distributed to
customers in line. Our stores will only hand out the number of tickets
that correspond with how many units are available-only one ticket per
person in line.

Additional consoles will be made available for purchase as inventory
arrives throughout the holiday season.'

Scratch one more online retailer off the list."

Submission + - www.itwire.com.au: Nintendo fans ignore the facts

ectal writes: "http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/5796/983/

Stan Beer from iTWire Australia explains how the PS3's domination is a foregone conclusion because of: a. his children's opinions, and b. the PS2's domination.

"Nintendo has also tried to portray the Wii as a family console. Give mum and dad and the two kids a controller each and they'll all play games together. It's a nice thought but kids and serious gamers play games while most ordinary parents don't.

Put that all together and the most likely source of Wii sales will be from existing Nintendo fans, who will snap them up as quickly as they can get them in the first year, and parents buying them for their kids because they're easy to use. Sales will probably peak in the first year, then slow as the Nintendo installed base gets their upgrade. It is unlikely that Nintendo will increase its marketshare because of Wii in the long run.""

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