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Comment Neutrino Detection Isn't new (Score 2) 85

The article is technically accurate but this isn't anything new. And yes, neutrinos will arrive before the light from an exploding supernova. There is already a large detector filled with heavy water that can do this in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. It has been around for a decade. And this is one of the things it is advertised to do.

Comment Not HP, whatever you do (Score 1) 381

Been through three HP printers. First one worked pretty well, but wasn't cheap. The second I had to return to the store as there as there was no way to setup the WIFI from Linux without WPS (not supported as being a security threat). Reliability on the most recent one has been very poor - the contacts on the print cartridges seem to fail regularly. Very disappointed in HP. I've had success with a older Brother laser. Nothing recent.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 292

Agreed. I've had two OCZ products fail immediately - the one I bought and the replacement they sent me. That was a few years ago, when USB drives were still new and expensive, but I remember that buying experience and have avoided the brand ever since.

Comment WANO SOER (Score 1) 123

This was already the subject of a WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) Significant Operating Event Report a few years ago - something to do with loss of heat sink. All nuclear stations worldwide will have a credible and audited plan to deal with this by now. Jellyfish does make a good headline, though,

Comment What Happens When Google Play Services is Buggy? (Score 4, Informative) 182

A quick check on XDA Developers suggests that many ROMs are having problems with Google Play Services right now: excessive battery usage, high data usage. It is hard to tell because the simple monitoring tools don't break down what this mysterious piece of software is doing. It might be some subtle version incompatibility.
So what happens when a monolithic chunk of software has a *really* bad release? Putting all your eggs in one basket is a serious risk.

Comment Ban it, But Who Will Care? (Score 1) 286

It is pretty obvious to any user that hands-free is no safer. If anything, it is less safe as the hands-free controls are supremely flakey.

However, here in Ontario, the existing hands-free law is a totally ignored law, arbitrarily and rarely enforced. There is no point in passing any law that society has no interest in following or enforcing. Virtually every day I see people texting on the freeway. I'm not entirely happy about it, but that is the new normal.

Comment Hugely Biased Article (Score 1) 474

Of couse some "scientist" is going to be whiny when their pet project is cut by government. Many of these research areas (e.g. climate science) are politically loaded topics anyway... why should a government support them? (side note: we're Canadians, climate change is an good thing... more would be a nice). The article largely reflects a left-wing viewpoint which by American standards would be extreme left-wing.

The AECL/SNC-Lavalin point mentioned above is quite a good one however: not mentioned by the author. This was technology that actually made money. Lots and lots of money, just not for the government. But was blundered away largely through govenrnment incompentence at running a business.

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