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Comment big BUT (Score 1) 328

I like the idea very much, BUT luciferase is not enough, the plant should also produce luciferin (the substrate for luciferase) at the same time. As far as I know, no plant ever produced light by itself via luciferase. I have to spray luciferin on them to make them make any light (which is really expensive stuff!!!). And then I need a supersensitive camera (photon counting, cooled to -70C) to actually "see" any light...
Hope they have some brilliant idea to get around these problems....

Comment Re:another hit from technology (biotechnology) (Score 1) 586

You really should get briefed about organic farming:
In Switzerland:
for copper
: Inorganic copper products, for fruit, vegetable, potato and hop production and viticulture (maximum legally permitted application of 4 kg of pure copper per hectare and year)...
nicotine, OK they call it tobacco extract...
you can find it all here: http://www.bio-suisse.ch/media/en/pdf2012/rl_2012_e.pdf

Comment Re:another hit from technology (biotechnology) (Score 1) 586

I totally agree about the case by case assessment that should be done about GMOs, and indeed there are too few GMOs that have direct advantages for the end consumer.
But some plants are now coming and your statement that golden rice will "slightly increase the amount of nutrients in a crop" is really a scandal! This plant is going to save millions of lives, whether you like it or not. This is why Greenpeace is so upset about it because they now run out of arguments.
Regulation has become extremely exaggerated for GMOs. Even if classic breeding that has been done for thousands of years, it can have unexpected outcomes (I know of one case where a new cucumber plant that looked normal accumulated toxins like crazy) and nobody is asking for stronger regulation.

Comment Re:another hit from technology (biotechnology) (Score 1) 586

Google is the wrong place to educate yourself. The only true source are scientific publications, everything else is BS.
get educated here:
Many people don't know but organic farming does use dangerous products such as: copper (dangerous heavy metal) and nicotine (cancerogenous insecticide)

Comment Re:Natural = Unsustainable? (Score 2) 586

I don't know if you noticed, but most of the past 4000 years people were starving to death thanks to "natural" agriculture:
It is only thanks to the advancement of science and technology that we are not starving anymore. GMOs are just the next logical step in that development.

Comment Re:another hit from technology (biotechnology) (Score 4, Informative) 586

Since 25 years GMOs were tested and not a single case of adverse effects has ever been described. GMOs are not more dangerous than plants coming from classical breeding, actually GMO products are much safer because they are actually being tested. While classic breeding products (even mutagenesis!) are not tested even though it causes massive uncontrolled genetic changes (e.g. jumping genes get activated).
There is also no documentation that organic products are healthier in any way. You can find cancerogenic compounds in many organic products (e.g. aflatoxins) and nobody cares about that because it is "organic".
You should get out of your romantic view of nature, nature is dangerous!

What is interesting is that only people who do not understand anything about biology, plant breeding and GMOs are against GMOs.

Comment Re:jony!!!! (Score 1) 487

I think it will not get better at all! Everything will just become grey. Everything from Jony is either grey, black or white. I am really getting bored by all these colourless designs. I am sure this will now mean: no more colours in OSX. An example is Mail: it is grey with grey buttons, why not have some coloured icons? Of course Calendar is going to far in the other direction. They should find something in between.

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