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Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 270

I'm proposing that criminal laws applying to a corporation shouldn't be written at all. There are more than enough civil laws to go around, and any criminal liability can (and should) be put on the shoulders of those involved.

And it generally is. A corporation doesn't shield people from criminal liability. Otherwise criminals would be using it all the time to use the typical example - rob a bank. Cops show up, "Nope, can't arrest me. I'm the CEO of bankbusters, Inc. A company. Go pound sand." Cops walk off all pissed off. Black people would be using it all the time. Get pulled over, as the cop pulls up, they reach under their seat quickly and whip out the corporate papers and say "Buzz off smokey! I'm a corporation! This car is owned by the corporation!"

Let me see if I can compress about 2 years worth of the basic law courses into a paragraph. BTW, I'm not a lawyer either. I took a lot of the courses but never took the exam.

The problem is, corporations do things we want. Such as making cars, watches, that cell phone you have and so on. In the process of making or doing whatever it is, there is often a mine field of laws. Believe me. If you go into business you'll find out. One really stupid thing to do is go into business without consulting a lawyer. Especially if you make any kind of money. Other people want to take it from you right away. Just the way it is. So the law has to show that you did whatever you did wrong with intent opposed to just some guy that did something. This is where people don't understand. Say you make a widget. You didn't give a crap about laws, just make a million of them. Now a bunch of people have them and now you find out there's a law against it or some part of it. Criminal law. When they check into it and find out you didn't give a crap, you could be in a heap of trouble. On the other hand, you have a lawyer, did the legal work and in spite of your best efforts it somehow managed to get overlooked - why hold you liable? Depends on the prosecutor, they may charge you anyway. Another example is the deep water horizon spill. Here's what happened there - . They could have easily locked some of them up for quite a while.

Another example was the guy that did the Neodymium magnetic balls. He consulted with the US Government, had all kinds of approvals, checked laws.. and so on. He still lost his shirt because kids were swallowing multiple balls and ending up in hospitals, or dead. They went after him.

Just makes for getting people upset. Yea, that corporation is the same as a person. Just seems so wrong until you find out why.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 689

Trump is actually dangerous.

Yea, somehow when Bill Clinton and others have done EXACTLY what Trump has proposed, it was great.

Man, they have you snowed good. They have you believing Trump is the boogeyman. Of course, they've paid a great deal of money to make you think that.

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 270

The above is rather nonsensical. In your example crime, there is plenty enough criminal liability to go around, and those involved should (certainly!) be tried and, if there is enough evidence, be convicted for their crimes (the negligent homicide itself, and likely conspiracy charges around whatever led to it). "Auctioning the company" etc can follow as part of whatever civil liability may exist on the part of those who "own" it.

"Corporate Personhood" is not (or should not be) a thing. "Jailing" the corporation is silly. Hold PEOPLE accountable. I'll admit (disgustedly) that our law enforcement organizations most certainly do NOT seem to do this, but that is a separate problem, and the baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater as a result of uninterested or corrupted government stooges.

Ok, so how do you write laws that apply to a corporation as well? You're showing a severe lack of legal knowledge. Almost everything is codified to people. A corporation for legal purposes is just like a person. Unlike illegal aliens and foreigners (in America), they can't vote, however.

Comment Re:fyi the cia and nsa can access all of our email (Score 1) 190

Talk about something you know. You obviously have absolutely no idea how e-mail works. I set mine up so they're all using encryption. My customers send e-mail from company to company and it comes and goes to a private company owned Linux box. No Microsoft, verizon, etc involved. NOBODY can read that e-mail, so there. Of course, those Linux machines have to be hardened, watched and maintained. Not like what the Democrats did. They didn't care about security, they were hacked - easily from what the reports say.

If you're sending to a gmail, hotmail, all of those public free places - yea, don't expect privacy there. Not only can the government get it, a lot of other people can get it.

Comment Re:No sales taxes on purchases with Bitcoin? (Score 1) 150

No. Maryland has been known to stop trucks on the Baltimore beltway from North Carolina with furniture, check the paperwork and they make sure the buyer pays their fair share in sales tax. All citizens of states with sales tax are obligated to pay sales tax on sales.

Does it happen? Almost never.

Comment Re:What a mess (Score 1) 460

So, do you have any source for this, or is it just out of your ass (for some people that's their mouth)?

Funny how you talk about Nato... have you read "dreams from my father" by Barry? He'll even read it to you himself. He has already destroyed American credibility abroad. Plenty of examples if you bother to read the news.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 460

In established US politics there is no left.

Says who? I understand the left has done a great deal to distort what is left and right. However there is a right and there is a left. The left is almost always wrong. The right is always conservative and uses what works. That's why they're on the right. You can also think of it as left - insane and stupid, right - sane.

Comment Re: 1916 called (Score 1) 506

You're kidding. Study their history. Know what is peasant math. Know how a whole ethnic minority was deported to Siberia. Know about all the other deadly results. Stalin was far more of a serial killer than Hitler was. Things didn't work out. That's why he had to keep killing people. Communism, Socialism hasn't worked anywhere in the world. Shortcomings of when you run out of other people's money, which always happens sooner or later.

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