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Comment Re:i think its simpler than we're making it out to (Score 1) 487

Democrats were stealing elections before that. All the way back into the 1980s that I know of. There's a really good case for Kennedy stealing the election with organized crime away from Nixon in 1960. In fact, we know it's true today. History would be a lot different if Nixon didn't conceed and challenged it as he should have. Just think, no Vietnam, etc. Probably no crazy 1960s hippies and such.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 1) 487

Heh. Bernie would have beat Trump and ANY of the other Republicans would have cleaned Hillary's clock good.

I blame the Democrats. They are the ones that gave us such a terrible decision. Just because they wanted their top criminal in power.

Either Federal or I understand NY State is looking into locking her up. Plenty of things to get her on, corruption, treason, election campaign... espionage act ( This is what her e-mail server really is about, violations of the espionage act). Book her Danno!

Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 487

I don't think you're being honest. I can't think of a state that requires anything definitive. Somehow that's racist. Black people they tell us can't either get an ID or they can't be trusted to have it on election day. I'd think they're the racist ones saying black people are so stupid and irresponsible, however somehow it's not. Maybe it's just the black people that are also Democrats, which seems consistent. I have a voter reg card, I've never been asked for it nor any other identification in the 30+ years I've been voting. Not once. I've lived in three different counties. Same thing.
I found an illegal working at a construction site. He said Maryland hooked him right up to vote when they gave him a license. He even said he's not here legally, they didn't care. Motor voter at work. Another guy from Virginia also said he was hooked right up to vote. I talked to a construction foreman from Arizona, he said it was very common there.

Here are the dead voting -

http://articles.baltimoresun.c... - in this case they were able to prove in court a lot of dead people voted. The Democratic judge didn't care. He didn't invalidate the results even though it's clear the ballot box was stuffed and Sourbrey lost by less than 6000 votes.

Amazing thing, when you die, you always vote for Democrats. Funny how that is. I don't recall ever seeing anyone accusing a dead person voting for Republicans.

Comment Re:Obama ordered this!!! (Score 1) 135

So funny. When GW Bush was President, no proof was necessary. Any whacky thing that happened - See, GW at it again. They're already trying to blame Trump for stuff even though he's not even POTUS yet.

So let's blame Obama. He's POTUS still and it was one of the agencies that he runs. So he should be personally responsible, just like CEOs are under Sarbanes/Oxley.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 265

Talk about something you know. Trickle down economics isn't it. It wasn't "trickle down", it was trickle everywhere. Everyone benefited from his policies and the US enjoyed the largest economic expansion the world had ever seen. I lived it, it was great. The US enjoys a lot to this day from all of that. Obama said Reagan was a minor setback to destroying the country. He's certainly done a lot to destroy it.

So shut the fuck up yourself.

Maryland is a good example. When we have Democrats, we're in big trouble. Spend thrifts. We have a Republican governor right now, we have a surplus, roads are being fixed, etc. It's so predictable, like clockwork. Same with Florida. Same with California.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1057

Actually no, they're not that simple. You can read them here.

I reaffirm: nobody is banning speech. Twitter is banning people who break their rules of conduct on their forum.

Actually yes. They've banned people that simply stated facts. Facts that certain groups feel are offensive. Sorry, facts aren't offensive, they're facts.
Sensitive groups include feminists, black groups, the gay or whatever the hell they want to be called now so they won't act offended if you don't get it right.

Comment Re:Every Fucking Day with this Shit (Score 0) 104

Wait until your three year old daughter is "offended" because she didn't get what she wants for Christmas.

So many act offended. They aren't offended, they feel it's a license to be an asshole. In fact, that's the whole BLM movement. Should be able to just run over them. Hey, act like a dumbass, suffer dumbass consequences. Too bad they only a few days in Richmond. I wish they would have to server 30 days on a pig farm, where they belong. They could even name one of their leaders Napoleon, another Snowball.

Comment Re:Could we avoid the Yoda effect, please? (Score 0) 256

This is not an antiquated newspaper or Twitter. "Microbiome Changes Drive the Dieting Yo-Yo Effect, Study Finds"... are you kidding me? Either drop the "study finds" or put it in front where it belongs, and please stop with the camel case.

Sensitive you are. Complain a lot you like. Lighten up you should.

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 0) 392

Whoever invented "employee improvement plan" needs to die.

Couldn't agree more. I've had to come up with those "employee improvement plans" in the past. All the result of lawsuits, brought to you by people that strongly support the Democratic party. The party of cry babies. Sorry, tell it as it is. It gets ridiculous sometimes just how far you may have to go to show someone is incompetent to can their ass. All to avoid a frivilous lawsuit.

I even get "anonymous" fan mail after the fact. As if nobody could figure out from the phrases in the letter who it is. So far it's been very obvious.

Comment Re:an unpopular opinion. (Score 0) 279

Sounds like you're still in the Democratic bullshit mindset. Obama has been wonderful to the Republican party. People have seen his failures and that's why Republicans hold more seats since anytime since reconstruction (state, governors, legislatures, congress, etc). Obama has ruined more countries than anyone since Hitler. Syria, Egypt, ... and on and on... So bad that even the Chinese snubbed him recently, Greece rioted when the little fascist showed up. He's run the US into the ditch. It's a real wreck too. Trump has a lot of damage to fix. Big old deficit too. That's the only reason why anyone thinks Obama is anything, he charged up our credit card to 21T. Never passed a new budget, so we've been paying for that bailout every year since, to artificially prop up the economy over his terrible policies. Otherwise we would have had a hell of a crash. He's the worst in history.

Someone should give you some jolt cola (or punch you good). Wake up dude. You've been lied to bigtime by the left. Time you realize you've been duped. Just look up Grubber and obamacare, he'll tell you how stupid you are. Could also look up iran deal - . Wake up and realize that just about everything you believe is a lie. From the above to Global Warming - (a bit long, however you'll get really mad because he shows you facts you can't dispute because they're facts and not bullshit).

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