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Comment Re:More importantly... (Score 1) 129

And back to what I was saying originally. I'm afraid they'll use (be required to use) this instead of taking more decisive action, such as killing the guy while the rest of us are put at risk.

It's really simple and some activist have come to understand this after some police departments have taken then through some training - if they're compliant, no problem. Act like a dumbass, suffer dumbass consequences. I'm kind of for making sure dumbasses suffer dumbass consequences instead of sticking it to the rest of us to save these people. They'll just go out and do it again. A leopard doesn't change it's spots as a state trooper explained to me.

Comment Re:How can he be pardoned? (Score 1) 343

You're showing a complete lack of knowledge on what happened. When he made his statement he was testifying under oath in a Federal court and he lied. He lied and the stain shows us that he knew very well, no doubt about it, he knew it. That is what was illegal. Bill as well as Hillary know it. They're both lawyers.

This is a very misunderstood part of that presidency. The media lied like hell to make people think it was about the sex part and not about lying in Federal court in a case. Of course, the real odd part is he should have told the truth. Warren Harding had an illegit kid while in office, admitted it and the whole thing went away.

If she didn't have that dress, this conversation wouldn't even be this way. I bet you'd be saying nothing ever happened. Just like they'd have us believe with Paula Jones, others. Take a look, don't be fooled.

Comment Re: Taxes = theft (Score 1) 579

Perhaps you didn't know what to type into google? Happens from time to time. Just google "roman empire arms control"

Here is an article.

I was surprised too. That historian also had a good set of facts to consider over abortion. However let's not get into that, one controversy at a time.

Never the less we don't need to go that far back, though it certainly shows historical experience. They aren't gun nuts. Just do a lookup of cities and gun control and reference murder/crime stats. Chicago, Washington DC, those are your biggies, and they have the worst problem. Then go down the line to some cities that require gun ownership. For the most part they have no crime.

BTW, if you look further you'll find that gun control is also racist. It's used to hold down minorities a great deal. So if you're for gun control, people might think you're also racist. Fits right in with the Democratic Jim Crowe laws of the south.

Comment Re:How can he be pardoned? (Score 1) 343

That's one of the great what-ifs. We'll never know. He may not have been convicted. After all, I thought slick willy was a sure bet to be convicted. A lot of people thought Andrew Johnson would have been convicted too. Today I'd say he certainly would not have been convicted. However you are entitled to your opinion of course. Thanks for responding Barbara.

Comment Re:Taxes = theft (Score 1) 579

Yep. And I have a rock that repels tigers. I know it works because I've yet to see a tiger in the neighborhood.

I'll be nice and explain it to you. If you were correct in your assertion, then we would see lower crime in inner city areas that have a far stronger police presence than, say, my affluent little city.

Police officers don't stop crime. They come in afterward and try to clean up the mess, and arrest the perpetrators so that they are unable to easily offend again. While that might stop crime in the future, it doesn't help a guy who is in the process of being robbed.

Must be a nice rock. Now about those cities with a strong police force, what are the gun control laws like? Probably very strong, that's why you have such a problem. Those "common sense" things that don't work. Never have worked, never will work. This goes back to at least Roman times. They wanted arms control as well. Didn't work for them either.

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