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Comment Re:AI is just software (Score 1) 171

I remember seeing so many times is ... to paraphrase - this software is provided with no expressed nor implied warranty for a particular purpose. Seems to me Microsoft used to and perhaps still has a statement saying that their stuff isn't to be used for anything critical. Nothing real time. They should add - if you want that, get a Unix based box with a real operating system.

Maybe we should push for software that is a part of an apparatus that can direct physical objects they need to be licensed. That should cover robots, automobiles, drones, etc. That probably stands a chance in being passed.

Comment Re:AI is just software (Score 1) 171

I've read about that suggestion for that long. Do you have any experience in this industry? Offhand I wouldn't think so or you would have seen it for the bad idea that it is. You have problems from perhaps an intended course of action all the way up to somebody got killed. We had this 30 years ago in fact. Computer systems that made cement or explosives. There were others of course. Now you have litigation.
1) Does the claimant have a case? Did whatever perform to specifications and they are just stupid?
2) Has a case. Something the entity was supposed to do, it didn't do.

    Now the fun begins with #2. Was it a sensor? Did someone bypass the sensor? Did the sensor have a defect? What about the wiring? Did someone intentionally disable part of the system? What about the interface card to the computer? ... and so on and so on... What about the software itself? You can bet they'll say it's perfect.

    Follow this logic back to say a word processor. That word processor depends on libraries and such. Same problem.

    So let's get to a good example. You've been around like I have. Do you remember when they came up with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and so on, from time to time Microsoft used to have in their annoucement that someone was PERSONALLY responsible for *EVERY* line of code? I think I remember the man himself - Bill Gates saying that. I could be wrong I suppose. About 3-4 months later a BSD bug came out in the TCP stack. It was found in all the Unix/Linux distros, *AND* windows 95-the latest at the time. Even though Microsoft said they had no BSD code in it. Major problem for Windows. I was never able to find out if anyone was held accountable for it even though someone was supposedly responsible for it. Maybe they were taken out back and kicked in the chin?

    I suppose that bring up other points - if I write code would I be responsible for it FOREVER? What is someone came behind me and updated it or used it for something I never imagined? Software isn't like taking iron, processing it into what becomes a screw driver and you're done.

    All that to say that I don't think that licensing will help us. It will however make yet another bureaucracy. Just like the elevator union, electrical union... and so on. Chock full of politics.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 515

no evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump, and confirmation that the FBI is investigating links between Trump's campaign and Russia.

Feel like it's the 1990s again with Bill Clinton. No evidence that Obama was wiretapping Trump. Carefully chosen words. He's talking about the classic definition of wiretapping, Trump put it in quotes meaning that type of an idea. He also said Obama, meaning Obama didn't specifically order a tap, which is probably true. However you can bet your life that he knew about it. Nobody doubts that.

Also, there's that inconvenient NYTimes article where they say there's a transcript of what General Flynn said. He was in Trump Tower at the time. So if there was no wiretap, how did they get that transcript?

Those darn facts again. They want it both ways.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 372

The schools realized that they could charge more. People were having fewer kids and paid off mortgages to plunder. So kick up pay to the President/Chancellor, heads of departments... and so on. Some College presidents make more than a million - for what? Nobody is there to stop them. They just do as they please and people coming in pay it.

The other consequence is we have too many educated people. Some fields you have to have more than a 4.0 coming from HS. If you transfer with say a 3.8, forgetaboutit. You're already screwed. I remember the joke back in the 1980s. Lost your engineering job, go to McDonalds to flip burgers. The manager laughs at your BS in EE. He has Masters cleaning the tables and PhDs flipping the burgers.

Nobody seems interested in holding colleges accountable for the money. They spend whatever they want. Money grows on trees.

Comment Re: Nope. Trump was wrong again. (Score 0) 186

You proved my point.

First of all, he's not a fueher nor fascist. Fascism is on the left, not the right. Learn your history. Secondly, Mr. Trump said Wiretapped and he put it in quotes. It's still on his twitter if you don't believe me. That means wiretap type of a technology, not that it was a 1950s type wiretap.

You seem to think you're a smart guy. I know you've been indoctrinated that nothing is true from anything other than the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Ok, here's an article for you - . Look about half way down, what does it say? General Flynn was wiretapped, and he was in Trump Tower when it happened. We know this.

Here is a snippet - The White House had examined a transcript of a wiretapped conversation that Mr. Flynn had with Mr. Kislyak in December, according to administration officials. Mr. Flynn originally told Mr. Pence and others that the call was limited to small talk and holiday pleasantries.

So now what do you do? If you're smart, you'll respond and admit you were wrong. He was wiretapped.

BTW at the end of the day Trump has been mostly right about what he's said. He's not who I would have wanted to be in the WH, however he'll certainly do. Far, far, far, far better than Hillary.

Comment Re: Nope. Trump was wrong again. (Score 1) 186

Valdezjuan, What in the world are you talking about and how does it have anything to do with my post, or the original subject? Maybe you pasted a response into the wrong reply window?

BTW, I'm certainly not a snowflake. I've worked really hard for everything I have and I have balls. I get things done. Facts are very much a priority in the US and that's a problem because the old people in power are losing it back to the people and they really don't like that. Think I'm wrong? Look up the vessel "Lady Michelle". Just try to find that really big story in any of the main stream media rags. I think a Brit paper has it. The world is under siege. Certainly all of Europe, America. The rest of the world isn't that big of a deal after that.

Comment Re: Nope. Trump was wrong again. (Score 2, Insightful) 186

The left has an easy format:
If (what you said I don't like) then
    if (try (calling them a racist)):
      works: Done. You silenced them and don't have to actually discuss the topic that you know you'll lose because you're wrong.
      Doesn't work:
            If (try (calling them a bigot)): .... same for fascist, nazi, etc, then:
                      try (Smashing windows, burning cars):
                          Get your ass kicked good. Put into jail for a decade or so.

OTOH, just call them a snowflake. Used to call them sheep, ... and so on or Democrats. Democrats are so gullible. So gullible that they have to pass laws to protect them from their own stupidity. Even in commerce - caution coffee is hot. These peanuts contain peanuts. Should just remove all the warning labels and let evolution work.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 124

Google seems to make this work. I didn't used to have SPF and such set up. I tried to send a friend an e-mail. It went directly to his spam folder. I checked it out with my own google account, same thing. It had a little message why. So I put the whole framework in and google will happily take my e-mail.

Still like to see these people go to jail. It's a business. Organized crime. They have campaigns. Ransomware, Spam, Phishing, Malware, etc.

Comment Not hard, forecasts (Score 1) 621

Too many people are going to college. Mean time mechanics, plumbers, even house framers are tough to come by and make big bucks. When I went to college I grabbed a job forecast book in the library. Library, you know, that place that has books, Yea, I know I'm old. Anyhow, you can look up what you want to be and see if there is even a demand for it. I found out there was no demand for what I wanted to go into, nor for the next 20 years. We have married men with 30+ years of experience out of work, so I switched.

Thing is so many kids are so stupid today. They don't even look, don't care, they just feel as if someone else will take care of them. Don't worry about that big old debt... Yet some of these same people will research endlessly for their next car or computer. They need to take charge of their lives. Stop being a snowflake.

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