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Submission + - Fantastic Elite Fiction project - Join us! ( 2

Fantastic_Books writes: My fellow Commanders,

The computer game Elite was released back in 1984 and made history by being the first game to arrive with a book. The book was 'The Dark Wheel' and contained hints and tips about the in game universe as well as being a ruddy good read in its own right.

Now the new Elite:Dangerous is on the horizon and is set to make history again. Never before has a game been released accompanied by so much fiction.

The UK's largest science fiction publisher Gollancz will be releasing 4 of these record breaking, officially sanctioned fiction titles.

Tiny East Yorkshire independent publishing house Fantastic Books Publishing (that's me folks!) will be releasing 4!

However, to be fair to the blind and partially sighted community, we want to release them as audio books alongside ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks and special edition signed boxed sets, some EXCLUSIVE to our current project.

To do this we are running a crowdfunding campaign from now until the 1st January 2014.

Unusually for a campaign such as this, we are offering real rewards for only a £1 pledge, namely a random story from the Elite:Tales From The Frontier anthology AND an ebook copy of our 25 story fantasy/SF anthology 'Fusion'. Among the other pledge gifts there are also audio books, boxed sets, signed boxed sets and even an Elite flight suit created solely for this campaign!

We invite you all to join our glorious mission and help us get this record breaking fiction release out to the eyes (and ears) of science fiction fans everywhere!

Thank you,

Commander Dan

Comment Re:How does TOS affect YOU? (Score 3, Informative) 305

The header for winapp.ini contains this...
Application Cleaning file

If you would like to create custom entries then create a new file
called winapp2.ini which follows the same format as this one.
CCleaner will automatically pick up the new file.

Copyright 2004-2008 Piriform Ltd, All Rights Reserved.
This file and it's contents may not be copied or distributed
without the express permission of the author.

The copyright section does indeed say that you aren't allowed to use winapp.ini
Since BleachBit and other 3rd party software are using winapp2.ini (which the copyright doesn't cover), Piriform can not insist that BleachBit stop using it.

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