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Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

I never made such a statement. But in markets where only companies that practice forcible sodomy can compete, those companies will predominate. In the words of a construction manager friend of mine: "If I'm not driving my subcontractors out of business, I'm not doing my job." He left construction management when he got the chance.

Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

Perhaps your brother was really awesome at doing his job, and that was a calculated risk on the part of his company. Perhaps they did it to make an example of him and raise the morale of everyone else there. But if they just did it out of the kindness of their hearts, then they violated their fiduciary duty to maximize their shareholder's profits. No one should ever mistake a company for anything but a profit seeking machine. They vary in their competence toward seeking this goal, and in the timeframes over which they expect returns, but that is what is at their core. Companies that don't behave this way just get eaten by those that do. It isn't even their choice.

Comment Re:Just $1.5 million per orbit (Score 1) 103

I thought about it too. Your post misleads because you compare ISS cost to the total public and private R&D spending of the US. Most of that isn't science. That's things like Charmin engineering a softer pleat of toilet paper. $100 billion over 17 years is approximately the money spent on the National Science Foundation over that time. We could have doubled the NSF budget for the last 17 years. That would have been something. NSF budget history:

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