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Comment Re:Never underestimate familiarity (Score 1) 1387

The standard length for plywood, sheetrock and "stick" lumber is 8 feet. Who's going to buy something that's 2.4384m long? Sure they could make them 2.4m long, but it's 1.5 inches short. That's just not workable.

I am Danish and my dad was a carpenter. Back when I was a kid (i.e. about 40 years ago), a sheet of plywood (and all the rest that you mention) was 244 cm long. Now they are 240 cm long and no-one has any problems with that.

Familiarity can - and will - change. It did so for us, it can and will for you too.

Comment Re:Just ship with a low-draw driver (Score 5, Informative) 303

Or just let the consumer buy online from a non-EU retailer.

When buying from sources outside the EU and when the price is above a certain limit (which the price for any high-end graphics card exceeds), one usually has to pay customs and for the handling by the customs authorities. In the cases that I have encountered, this added about $50 to the original price.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 97

And unlike mind mapping, you don't need some fancy software to do it with, I doodle my ideas on paper napkins, pizza boxes, and unopened envelopes all the time.


Mind mapping is perfectly possible using pen and paper. Actually, IMNSHO it is much better than using a program as there are no constraints on how you make the mind map. You might call it structured doodling :-)

Comment I wear a helmet because... (Score 1) 1651

Last summer two of my friends had an accident while riding a bicycle. According to his GPS, one of them was going 35 km/h (about 20 mph) just before the accident. His bike and his helmet was a wreck and he suffered various injuries.

The other did not wear a helmet. He died.

I wear a helmet when I'm riding!

Comment Re:What power have laws, in this digital age? (Score 2) 195

The problem here boils down to "we make more money with this scheme than your piddly little fines can ever hope to 'punish' us",

Piddly as in what Microsoft faced in 2006? Admittedly, that situation was different but that kind of fines are not what I think of as "piddly".

and "we're not even based in your country, so your laws mean precisely as much as we allow them to"

How come Google are bending over backwards to follow chinese censoring laws? Google is based in US too and by your argument the should not have to care about those laws at all - yet they do.

... besides, it's not like these sites are providing a public service, or coercing people's "private" information. If you want to play the game, you gotta give your name. Wanna play some more? Give us your cell phone number. Don't like giving away your "private" info to just any website that asks? Be more selective about the stuff you do online, and only transact with sites you trust and/or don't actually care about the information they want. Or do what many are already doing, and simply lie.

Agreed - and that is indeed why I do not have a Facebook login.

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