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Comment Re:Go away, geezers (Score 0) 205

sorry to disappoint, that wasn't me. the GP is correct, though, in identifying most of the negative feedback for Gnome 3 as the result of hypocritical hipsters - so it's understandable that you might be confused.

you don't know me, son, so let me explain this to you once: If I ever bitchslap you, you'll be using an AC post. I'll be using my account. and I'll still bitchslap you so hard, your mom will feel it (just like she did last night).


GNOME 3.2 Released 205

supersloshy writes "Today marks the release of the latest edition of the GNOME Desktop for Linux-based operating systems. There are numerous fixes and improvements in this release such as smaller title bars (for small screens), the integration of GNOME Contacts and GNOME Documents for easy data management, web application integration, many more configurable settings, and other updates such as a more unified appearance and better chat integration."

Comment Re:Usual bit bullshit from Gnome devs (Score 1) 289


the burden of proof befalls on you, my dear; and you have no proof that the name was chosen intentionally. but obviously this is the internet, where random muppets like you can make up stuff and ask others to prove it false. guess what, I can also say that your mom was pleasuring me the other night.

Also, the way you speak to people online needs to change -unless you really are 14 years old. You wouldn't make your ditch comment to me in person (without my hand print on your cheek as a thank you) so don't do it online either.

don't be so sure about that: the argument cuts both ways - and if your first thought was a slap on the cheek then I'm pretty sure I'd find you seething and looking at my feet while whimpering about my harsh words. now get lost, nerd.

Comment Re:Usual bit bullshit from Gnome devs (Score 2) 289

it actually turns out that the KDE system settings shell is *always* shown (regardless if your using Gnome, XFCE, LXDE or whatever), and the maintainer did not accept the "OnlyShowIn" tag fix: - the Gnome system setting shell correctly sets the "OnlyShowIn" tag, so that it is only shown under Gnome (or Unity). and yet Gnome gets bashed because the gnome-control-center maintainer decided to give a more descriptive name for something that, unlike in Gnome 2.x, will appear as a launcher. the power of the FLOSS community: eating their children since 1991.

Comment Re:Usual bit bullshit from Gnome devs (Score 0) 289

it was not intentional. turns out that there are not many ways to give a generic and yet descriptive name for the user-facing shell for settings that involve the system. the binary name, and everything else, has a different name. it's just the user-facing name that it's the same - and it only collides if you install and use both KDE and Gnome at the same time. so, if I provide you a ditch big enough, will you be so kind and go die in it? thanks.

Comment Re:GNOME Developers (Score 2, Insightful) 640

tl;dr. whining never gets you anywhere.

Is that the "open source way"? Or are you not fixing a bug that scores of users have taken the trouble to report over three years out of laziness, or is it some kind of nerd pride? What must we go, oh master?

nobody pays anybody to work full time on the whole of GNOME; it's a volunteer effort, through and through. this is also true of a lot of other open source projects.

if no developer is working on your pet bug you have two choices: a) learn the ropes and fix it yourself or b) convince a developer (with money, if necessary) that your pet bug is important and that he or she should work on it for you.

otherwise you have misunderstood how open source works, and you don't get to complain.

Comment Re:GNOME Developers (Score 1) 640

I'd feel more amenable to the GNOME developers plight if they'd give some attention to some of the three-plus year old bugs that don't seem to get any attention. Some of the bugs aren't serious, but they're so simple and yet so annoying you'd figure someone would have fixed them years ago.

and I'd feel more amenable about closing "simple" bugs if you provided patches for them instead of moaning and bitching about them on /. if you provided a patch and didn't stick around to actually have it committed then you're not doing open source development right either, by the way.


World's Smallest Superconductor Discovered 72

arcticstoat writes "One of the barriers to the development of nanoscale electronics has potentially been eliminated, as scientists have discovered the world's smallest superconductor. Made up of four pairs of molecules, and measuring just 0.87nm, the superconductor could potentially be used as a nanoscale interconnect in electronic devices, but without the heat and power dissipation problems associated with standard metal conductors."

Comment Re:What a stupid stupid name (Score 1) 78

Clutter is an open source project that has been around since 2005, and "marketing morons" have nothing to do with its name. and since it's an API to create applications, toolkits and desktop environment, then you won't have Clutter on your desktop, but your desktop will use Clutter internally.

oooh, it was a pun on the name! now, I get it.

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