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Comment Alternatives, Consider the Cybiko (Score 1) 463

There was a childs toy called a Cybiko which was a hand-held computer introduced back in April 2000, that implemented its own radio network. We could easily create a vastly improved device that instead integrated with the internet and that could operate independently of current ISP's if for some reason normal connections were down. Cell phones are almost there lacking only the ability to operate independently of the carrier. See, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybiko

Comment Re:Too big for 1 hand, so how do you type (Score 0) 173

How do you do data entry, even touch screen, if you need both hands to hold it? If I want to put a computer on my lap, I'll buy a laptop. If I want a PDA, I'll use a PDA. A 2-handed PDA sucks.

Does not seem to be made for data entry. I otherwise don't see holding it with one hand as a problem. I mean, just to test it out I picked up my 13" laptop and closed its easily holdable with one hand. Input with one hand should be easy. Whats bad is how ugly the samples they show are.


Lake On Titan Winks From a Billion Kilometers Away 139

The Bad Astronomer writes "NASA's Cassini spacecraft took an image of Saturn's giant moon Titan earlier this year that serendipitously provides proof of liquid (probably methane) on its surface. The picture shows a glint of reflected sunlight off of a monster lake called Kraken Mare (larger than the Caspian Sea!). Scientists have been getting better and better evidence of liquid methane on Titan, but this is the first direct proof."

Netbooks Have Higher Failure Rate Than Laptops 264

Barence writes "Netbooks are more likely to fail within the first year than their more expensive laptop brethren, according to new research. SquareTrade, an independent US warranty provider, analyzed the failure rates of more than 30,000 laptops covered by its own warranties. It found that 5.8% of netbooks malfunctioned within the first year, compared to 4.7% for regular laptops and 4.2% for premium laptops costing more than $1,000. The research also raises question marks over the legendary reliability of Macs. Three PC manufacturers — Asus, Toshiba, and Sony — boasted better reliability rates than Apple. Macs have a 17.4% malfunction rate over three years, compared to market-leader Asus, which has a 15.6% failure rate. HP was the worst of the nine PC vendors listed, with a malfunction rate of 25.6% over three years."

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