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Submission + - Rats get excited, 'giggle' when tickled (foxnews.com)

eatvegetables writes: Under the heading of, "how do I sign up for that job?"

In the research, neuroscientists from Germany's Humboldt University tickled young male rats in various ways and outlined their findings in Science, reports the Los Angeles Times. ...
"They were jumping around and they chased my hand. Pretty much like human kids, giggling and chasing around." For the record, the belly seems to be the sweet spot.

Comment Re: FOIA requests (Score 2) 268

I've seen several reports on this topic. INAL. However, the reason that this topic doesn't come up with great frequency is that the max penalties are quite minor, I believe. According to my understanding, she could be charged for maintaining an unregistered system of records. The penalty is at most a misdemeanor and fined not more than $5,000. Any other penalties would be civil in nature. Feel free to correct me if need be. The criminal penalties for mishandling classified information are probably far more substantial.

Submission + - Angry Birds adds Hillary Clinton's head to game, BRILLIANT! (postimg.org)

eatvegetables writes: There I was, indulging in a little pre-breakfast Angry Birds frivolity when Hillary's head pops up on the screen! The rather jolting image (think disembodied smiling head) was paired a trite, meaningless, and vapid campaign slogan: "blah blah...Hillary....blah for America." My first reaction was admittedly less than generous. See image of me aiming my birds at the disembodied head. However, a few birds later it occurred to me that the Angry Birds folks had stumbled onto a brilliant idea. Instead of hosting campaign ads for politicians in their game, they should put the politians INTO their game! Election 2016, featuring candidate heads as pigs!! ...ummm and perhaps birds. Rovio, PLEASE, PLEASE, I BEG YOU. DO THIS ONE THING FOR ME! Anyone else want in on this?

[url=http://postimage.org/]adult picture hosting[/url]

Comment Re: LOL! (Score 1) 71

Are you telling me that everyone isn't being subjected the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" app advert over and over and over and over....? Is that what you're tellin' me? Kardashian's giant cartoon head doesn't haunt the slashdot visits of all slashdotians? Somewhere, some advertising profile indicates that I should be interested in the cartoon rendered head of a vapid cartoon person?! Is THAT my online footprint? God help me! Slashdot, save me. Remove the head! Remove the head!

Comment Re:How does this not violate the 5th and/or 14th.. (Score 1) 371

Seems unlikely that the legal arguments presented will stand up to public legal scrutiny. I'm certainly not a lawyer. However, as I read the cited comments about weighing private vs government interests, the cited commentary doesn't appear to suggest that due process can be denied altogether. Rather, the commentary appears to discuss practical issues of war that might have the effect of delaying due process. Conveniently, the Obama administration lawyers failed to comment on the legal motivation behind the Bush era Guantanamo prisoner military trials. Namely, federal courts ruled that these prisoners had due process rights even though they were enemy combatants and despite the fact that they were not U.S. Citizens. Both the dates of the legal opinions and news reports describing the Obama administration legal review process clearly show that the Obama administration had ample time and opportunity to engage in judiciary. They just chose not to do so, apparently. Given this, the al Qaida dirtbag's constitutional right to due process was trampled. Personally, I have 0 sympathy for al awlaki, but clearly Obama signed off on an executive branch doctrine of extra judicial execution of American citizens that could be used to kill just about any American overseas. Asserting that a person is a member of a terrorist group and using that assertion as justification for that person's execution without providing external review and due process is nothing short of tyranny. Granted, if Obama had to violate some American's rights, he probably picked the right person.

Comment Proposal is a Load of Crap (Score 1) 597

What an incredibly horrendous idea. Increases in student debt are the result of students making bad decisions about the schools they attend. Students are enabled by the federal government that created and supports student loan programs that allow these young kids to qualify for insane loan amounts.

A better solution would be to restructure the current student loan programs such that student debt load is capped at some reasonable level. The effect would be that students would be forced to make more rational choices about the schools they decide to attend and how they pay for their education. The education market would respond accordingly as more money flows into community colleges, state schools, and other lower cost education options. Costs would go down.

"Free" college education supported by general taxation or more targeted taxation would have the undesirable effect of disconnecting personal spending choices from personal spending consequences. The result: market distortion that pushes costs up at increasingly unsustainable rates and second order pressure for education rationing by the federal government.

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