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Submission + - Linux Friendly Video Streaming? (xbmc.org)

earthwormgaz writes: Slashdot, I've set up a Linux XBMC + MythTV with FreeView machine for the lounge at home. It works pretty well for Linux, although things crash here and there. The Mrs wants LoveFilm or NetFlix, but it seems they're Silverlight and not Linux friendly.

Is there anyone doing streaming film and TV with Flash or something else that works on Linux?

Failing that, is there anyway to download a film for £4-6 say, as just an AVI file or something, legally?

Submission + - Best Open Communications Set Up for my Office

earthwormgaz writes: Hello Slashdot, I've started at a small company and our phone system is crusty, old and awful. We've got email hosted elsewhere on POP/IMAP, and we've got no groupware. The server here is Windows small business whatever it is and Exchange isn't set up, but I've put CentOS on it in a VM, and I'd like to do everything using open standards and open source where possible.

I've been looking at SOGO — http://www.sogo.nu/english.html
And these phones — http://www.avaya.com/uk/product/ip-office

What are my chances of getting all this stuff working together? What other suggestions have people got a for a small office and communications?

Submission + - Girlfriend's Dad could have answer to the energy crisis and nobody will listen (patent.gov.uk)

earthwormgaz writes: "He has been working on this invention in his garage for years, picking up where the likes of Edison and Faraday left off, and says it can improve efficiency in generators and much more besides.

He's been working tirelessly to get it reviewed by scientists for feedback, or backed by politicians or businesses for development, but nobody will take him seriously because he's self taught (a background in computing and electronics) and not working for Megacorp Incorporated or a big university.

If you work in electronics or related subjects, please read and give him feedback, or if have any contacts to help push this on, get in touch!

Read the specs here (start at page 25): http://north.patent.gov.uk/p-find-publication-getPDF.pdf?PatentNo=GB2477442&DocType=B&JournalNumber=6410

Here's the abstract ...

A generator braking compensator comprises one or more rotors 2 mounted on the shaft of a generator 1 that is driven by a prime mover 8. The compensator rotor has flux sources 5 that are magnetically repulsed by flux pulses produced in stationary compensating coils 3 that are in series between the output of the generator 1 and its load, producing pulsed force vectors to compensate for pulsed braking experienced by the generator rotor. Two compensator coils 3 can be in series, producing two pulses per generated half-wave and be positioned such that the force vectors produced are synchronised with and oppose generator braking force vectors. The prime mover can be a wind, steam or water turbine but in a test rig it can be a motor 8.; The compensator can be retrofitted to an existing generator and the invention aims to reduce the torque required to turn a generator shaft when supplying current to a load due to the Lenz effect.

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