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The Internet

Journal Journal: The Register's Childishness

The Register's continuous attack on Wikipedia has been going for quite some time.Now,that attack seems to have spilled over to open-source too,using a Guradian artcle as a mask..Further Guardian says"The OpenOffice project vividly illustrates the limitations of open source as a way of producing software." Looks like Register will not relent until Wiki is dead!!

Register needs to stop bickering like a kid.


Journal Journal: Nero 7 3

Ever since I installed Nero 7,its all problems when I write Dvd's.After doing some online 'research',looks like Nero 7 is full of bugs & many others are having trouble with it ;So much that,Nero has a 101 MB update for it!

It is recommended to stick with Nero 6.x.x.16.
I uninstalled Nero 7 & installed Older version - Dvd written without problem!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Accounting

Always write down all $ transactions !!!
Because you never know when/how memory will err.
Thought 'Quicken' is a good one..

User Journal

Journal Journal: Slashdot design makeover

Its long overdue.Slashdot should use the latest web designs and get a brand new layout.When is that going tohappen?I understand,Slashdot is not the top most thing on Cmdrtaco's mind,but still it'll be great if it can get a design make over..

Every other site seems to look better you know....

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