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Submission + - Light Table - a new IDE concept (

omar.sahal writes: Bret Victor (covered previously on slashdot) demoed the idea of instant feedback on your code. Victor's concept runs a little like a interpretor on your code, but in realtime. This allows the programer to instantly see what his programe is doing. Chris Granger has turned this novel idea into Light Table — a new IDE designed to make use of the Victor's insights.

Bret Victor — Inventing on Principle —
Update on the project —

Comment Day traders start taking notes (Score 2) 60

RTS games are the most applicable to a wide range of real world systems & strategies than say FPS games or any other type of game. It's not only emergency systems that it compares to, but also at a high level to many different business types & strategies as well. Techniques such as knowing when to scout, expand, and attack all require precise timing just like in the business world, maybe even for the day trader. I wonder if successful day traders have a high APM?

Comment Re:Any time you need to ask the question... (Score 1) 826

I agree. It's close minded to simply turn a job down because you feel uneasy about it. IMO in this economy, I would have taken the job, simply because it's hard to find work. A certain level of Outsourcing is healthy for our economy, especially during the state that our economy is in. If companies are able to save money on services like support, that's excellent, because it will ultimately create MORE jobs in future because... "Aside from the obvious benefit of helping pull poor countries out of the economic basement, it's also the case that by stimulating economic growth overseas, the U.S. is creating new markets in which to sell its products." "The GAO report notes that "private researchers predict that offshoring [outsourcing offshore] may eliminate 100,000 to 500,000 IT jobs within the next few years while others note that offshoring can also generate benefits such as lower prices, productivity improvements and overall economic growth." So we are able to lower costs of doing business by reducing support costs, and will then allow us to sell and provide higher end services across to new markets. If we are selling more services and products worldwide then it will create more jobs for Americans. Perhaps, by setting up this help desk you would be creating a better, higher paying future job for an unemployed American.

Comment I Love Google (Score 1) 103

It's projects like this that remind me of the power of technology. It's easy to get caught up in using and following technology that's used for efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Losing sight of the human connection is common, art forgotten. Project's like Google's Art endeavor breathe life into tech world. Three Cheers for Google!

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 256

Android is about to take over. This is just the very beginning. I believe Android will continue to dominate the global market for some time to come. The iPhone and App store is regulated too harshly and Apple just isn't cost effective. While Apple does have great style and innovative designs, people that don't have the money to shell out on their relatively expensive products will nab up Android phones. Android phones will also be moving away from cell phone companies with their own VOIP, like Google Voice or Skype. Google is against carriers in general (nexus) and wants to cut out the need for "minutes". Soon everything will be free VOIP and we'll only pay carriers for bigger data plans. Android is leading this idea, but Apple just isn't moving that way. Anyone agree or have anything to add?

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 3

I agree with this, I don't believe there is a "religiosity gene" that depicts whether someone will be religious or not. Following a belief system is a completely subjective decision. Some people may be brainwashed from birth, which could cause them to devoutly follow the religion for the rest of their life, but there isn't genetic programming that predetermines this or even a gene that makes someone more inclined to be religious. I also believe that organized religion is decreasing in popularity due to increased globalization. As the world becomes more globalized and people are exposed to different cultures, beliefs, and religions, people get many different perspectives that may modify or completely change their own beliefs. Changing ones beliefs is not a part of organized religion and therefore will turn people away from it.

The Fall of Traditional Entertainment Conglomerates 204

Advocatus Diaboli writes "We no longer live in the era of 'plantation-type' movie studios or recording houses. However large private companies still have considerable power over content production, distribution and promotion. Technology has been slowly changing this state of affairs for almost 30-40 years, however certain new technological advances, enabling systems and cost considerations will change the entertainment industry as we know it within 5 years."
Hardware Hacking

Makerbot Thing-o-Matic 3D Printer Review 117

rsk points out this "review of the $1200 Makerbot Thing-o-Matic 3D printer. After a 16-hour self-assembly and a few weeks of use, a blown PSU was replaced with a higher powered PSU via a mod to the Thing-o-Matic. Video of the Thing-o-Matic printing out little solar panel mounts from Google Sketch-up included in the review. Final thoughts suggest that the Thing-o-Matic is not a great gift for non-engineers: 'You need a decent understanding of robotics, hardware, software, electronics and mechanics, need a little hand dexterity and a ton of patience.'"

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