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Comment Re:Could this break the computer misuse act? (Score 1) 174

The British Library also maintain an archive. The FAQ relating to their crawler is quite an eye opener:


: Do you respect robots.txt?
: As a rule, yes: we do follow the robots exclusion protocol. However, in certain circumstances we may choose to overrule robots.txt. For instance: if content is necessary to render a page (e.g. Javascript, CSS) or content is deemed of curatorial value and falls within the bounds of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003.

: Can I stop the crawling by using robots.txt or blocking your IP?

: Adding our crawls to robots.txt will stop further crawling once we reconsider the file (see above). Similarly, blocking our IP will stop all further access from that IP address. However, the British Library and other deposit libraries are entitled to copy UK-published material from the internet for this national collection. If you disallow our crawler or block our IP, you will introduce barriers to us fulfilling our legal obligations.


Ask Slashdot: How Do You Choose a Windows Laptop? 898

jfruhlinger writes "I'm a Mac guy. When our 2004-era Windows XP laptop, which was used primarily by my wife, died last summer, I got myself a new MacBook Pro and she inherited my still serviceable 2008 MacBook. But after about six months, she hasn't gotten used to it, and wants a Windows machine. I don't have an ideological problem with this — it'd be her computer, and we've got a bit of money stashed away to pay for it. But trying to pick one out is my job, and I find the the whole process bewildering. Apple's product differentiation is great at defeating the paradox of choice — you have a few base models, the difference between which is quite obvious, and you can customize each. The Windows world seems totally different. Even once I've settled on a vendor for a Windows laptop (something I haven't done yet), each seems to have a bewildering array of product lines with similar specs. Often models that you find in electronics or office supply stores that seem promising in terms of form factor are exclusive to those stores and can't be found online. Obviously people do navigate this process, but I'm just feeling out of my depth. How would Slashdotters go about picking a solid, basic laptop for Web surfing and document editing that won't be obsolete in two years?"

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