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Comment Closed, Won't Fix (Score 1, Insightful) 234

Almost every message above this one (that I have read at this time) is a prime example of what people hate about nerds (and by extension much of OSS forums/support).

They built MF'ing graphs and detailed analyses of the issue. It is obvious that *something* is seriously broken.
From the comments it is apparent that few clicked through to the article ( "I can't reproduce it, sucks to be you" or "stupid n00b ought to know better" or "Thunderbird? Meh.") and those that may have just decided "too long, did not read".

It is goddamned with a different color scheme.

If a conversation of the issue is to be found... it will be buried under a mountain of hubris.

Comment Re:Federation? (Score 1) 174

Well, MS and AOL committed to the gub'mint back in the 90's to cooperate and make their networks play nice with each others.

It's basically taken being made irrelevant to get XMPP support in AIM. A decade later neither AOL or Microsoft talk to each other but their users have found ways to talk around them.

Google's "chat" applications are a complete mess but at least you can talk to them with a non-google client. But what the hell is their deal, they support AIM, but not 3rd party XMPP servers?!
Not that it would matter much, their contact management system leaves much to be desired and Google won't be going anywhere on this front until they fix it.

Comment If it functions like their existing system (Score 1) 197

Your Google profile (the one that already exists) is only fully visible to people who are logged into their google account and are in the contact group you assigned as having full access. Probably good enough for most.

At this point though, the press release looks a lot more like integration of existing properties...
Contact list upgrades that link Picasa data, and "status updates" (perhaps including photo updates and whatnot). Maybe they'll add personal Google Groups (basically Facebook's wall).

Which if you really get down to it... is Facebook with and Adwords instead of app spam (which I would prefer any day).

Personally, I think that Google's properties are far away better than most, but they have never integrated on any useful level. Hopefully this will change that.

Comment Re:so? (Score 2, Interesting) 117

The issue isn't who (near as I can tell) as much as it is the commonality of e-mail originating from servers not identified in the e-mail.

Blocking mail like that was a topic of discussion in the 90's but by that time the number of mail servers that no longer resolved to the domains they serviced were large enough that it was useless anymore.

I may not have all my facts straight, but that's my understanding.

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