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Comment This isn't bitcoin, or a cryptocurrency (Score 4, Informative) 292

Yea, the reason they don't mention bitcoin is because this is nothing like bitcoin. This isn't a cryptocurrency. This assumes that behind the scenes a bank is tied to your account to push/pull funds from. This incorporates some of the things bitcoin is good at, but it does it all in a completely different manner. If you'd take a look at the patent application, you'd know this is in no way close to bitcoin

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 222

THIS! I tried using youtube-dl to watch a video. I was getting speeds of 23KByte/s, and my internet is 20MBit down.. At that point I ssh'd into VPS, downloaded the video at 8MByte/s, then downloaded it from my VPS at 2MByte/s, and then finally watched it. I've considered setting up a network-wide VPN to my VPS because of this crap.

Comment This is pretty cool (Score 1) 254

This was very interesting to watch, also to see him describe some of the hardware (such as CPU and GPU being single chip, with GDDR5 on the motherboard). I'm usually a fan of the Xbox, but I've never seen Microsoft give one shred of detail about how to take apart any product of theirs.. I've never seen Sony either, but this is a welcome change.

Comment Re:When will the right people get to test controll (Score 1) 182

This. I'm most curious as to how this would work with the typical dual-stick layout of a first person shooter. How would something like Battlefield work, where there is also semi-extensive use of ABXY buttons? Having to take your thumb off the pad to push those seems like a possibly significant problem.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 3, Informative) 740

This. To give a few more details as to what the article says though. Basically, even assuming they have some genius computer that can parse the announcement made at 2pm and execute these trades within 1 millisecond or less, it would be physically impossible for the news to have been received that quickly. The trades in Chicago were executed 2ms after 2PM. The speed of light dictates that the news (assuming no barriers or other latency) would take at least 7ms to actually reach Chicago from where it was announced.

So, in summary, no matter what these crooks try to say to fool a jury with favorable circumstances, it is physically impossible that they did not know about this news before 2PM

Comment First teach it to teachers (Score 1) 356

The hilarious irony of this is how many teachers are committing "piracy". My math teacher had an old out of print workbook that he would make copies of(single pages, not the whole thing) and hand out to the class as homework because the workbook had better problems than our current text book. My choir teacher made copies of music clearly marked with "DO NOT COPY" because it was out of print and there was no way to get a legal copy of it anymore. My English teacher copied an excerpt of a story out of one of her old text books that are no longer used and handed it out to the class.

So yea... this is an extremely stupid idea

Comment Re:Shame (Score 1) 130

It really is amazing more people don't do this. When I went out and got my own plan, I went with subsidy. Got a phone for like $50 from AT&T. But, the bill I was paying was $110/month. For a single line, a ridiculously low amount of minutes(I never talk on the phone, but if I did I could run through it quickly), unlimited text messages, and a data cap of like 1G

2 years down the road I started looking to alternatives. This was a few months before T-Mobile started to be talked about being bought by AT&T, otherwise I would've went elsewhere. So, I took a cheap, but decent phone my girlfriend had that she wasn't using and started a $50/month unlimited everything prepaid plan. Now, I put $30/month in a savings account so that I can buy a new phone eventually... but I'd rather me be earning interest on it, not AT&T

I've tried convincing my parents to do something similar. They use their phone constantly and their bill is somewhere around like $600/month for 4 phones... and their plan doesn't have the concept of unlimited minutes, so they still get overages. The even more ridiculous thing is that usually they will stick with their phone til it breaks.. They don't seem to get the concept that you can get new phones when your contract is up.. either that or they just prefer to not learn how to use a new phone every 2 years

Comment Xbox Video did this too with Dr. Who (Score 1) 458

Xbox Video did this too with the last season of Doctor Who. I bought the season pass for a steal when it was on sale, for like $8 or something. Then, new episodes started coming out but weren't on Xbox Video. It took me weeks to figure out that I had actually bought "season pass part 1" or some bullshit like that. I haven't bought anything from Xbox Video since.

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