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Comment Re:I wonder what happens with volume licenses? (Score 1) 385

Actually in Europe you can already find used copy of office, windows, whatever in those electronic expos that every month go from town to town. This has been running since I was a child.
And you don't have to beg for a Windows refund: most seller (Acer, Asus...) have an automatic procedure, es:

Comment Re:Welcome to our world (Score 1) 1205

There is little to no sign of the renewable fuels you hear being pitched by politicians on both sides of the pond.

They are called bikes: we don't use big things that could use signs any more.

But you see bikes road every where, cars have to give way to bikes on round about, we spend money to build bridges on dangerous road intersections for bikes.

Comment 8.4907$ Here (Score 1) 1205

Hey guys, it's 8.49$ for a gallon here[1].

I 'got two bikes and I'm buyn' the third, 'spent some money on insulating and termic solar for my house.

I do really enjoy my town more, and I take care to eat food that does not come from far away. Haven't been traveling that much for futile things like going to that pub in that town, snowboarding in that (far) cool spot.

Fuel is running out ok? Not tomorrow: tomorrow it's just when it will become very expensive. To change your abits you won't have to wait that we eventually run out of fuel, price raise will do.

1. Here is Italy if you were wondering, we do have a lot of taxes on fuel right now as we had a clown and the whole circus for prime minister for a while...

Comment DayOne BigFail (Score 1) 304

You just don't blog on your site "Set the allarm @6:00am" for Big Day One when there are not enough items and the sites (resellers) are not able to hold the traffic. That was just a BAD idea.

Many managed to be on line just at the *right* time to be unable to buy and DOS the whole thing. ..or maybe it was a PR stunt, but they eventually pissed off many potential buyers who are now seeing pre-preorder request for no one knows when we can sell or how many are available. There it goes the impulse buyers low-cost give-it-a-try...

Comment remove all Web History (Score 1) 238

"remove all Web History" will just remover _your_ chance to read your own web hystory.
OFC google will keep it and will continue to update it in order to "improve the service" or whatever they call it today.

You should disable JS for google, clean your cookies, refuse cookies, use a proxy. Or just get in the mood to use an other search engine.

Comment Re:So why the push for Unity? (Score 1) 155

Why was there a big push for Unity if you're not going to use it in a small form factor? Why not just stick with a real desktop?

Tablets, maybe, not phones.
There's no point in pretending to run "linux distro" on a phone, the apps user interface won't do.

Maybe the desktop UI for apps *could* do on tablets, for shure not on phones.

Comment So what? (Score 2) 554

WTF should I care?
Isn't this site supposed to be about geek-tech news?
Provide me a story of some of those radio controlled quad-chopper powered by chicken nuggets
instead of this sad little earth-quake in the cafeteria of a young kid school.

Damn they didn't even take the effort to write an app to deal with these food harassment.

Comment List price for MS refounds by ACER (Score 5, Informative) 475

I see some of you are speculating about what should be the value of the refund for a Windows licence:

That is according to ACER Refunds in Italy, dunno if that's the same in the rest of Europe.

As it is a PDF (1 page) I'll give you some pointers:
- Seven Home: 25e
- Seven Starter: 20e
- Seven Home Basic: 35e
- Seven Home Premium: 40e
- Seven Prof 70e
- Seven Ultimate 90e

Comment We allready had that: ACER fo es. (Score 4, Informative) 475

We already had that in Europe, for example you can get a refund from ACER:

It's around 40 euro for Win ~professional, you do have to send it back to ACER by your own but at least it's an automatic procedure: they just give you the money back with no questions.

Comment Italy (Score 1) 657

Actually Italy has no nuclear power, has they shut down any reactor (the tree of them if I'm not wrong) after Chernobyl. But the government was on its way to reintroduce it, so this week-end they'll have a referendum on the matter. The government is so scared about it (the referendum) that tried two 'tricks' to avoid it, but it seems like Italians are gonna vote and they are all against atom.

Comment Ordinary laptop (Score 1) 684

Sorry but right now the winner is the old laptop: bigger screen with color, movies, even a keyboard.
Some of the new ones are very cheap, light and with some ~10 hours of autonomy, totally silent.

They are not good in direct sunlight, but you can use them to surf the web, you tube, and write your things on social networks and anything else. A device with a black and white 6 inch screen that refuse to read an ordinary PDF or html file for ~400$ is just a joke: paper books are going to be better as long as ebooks don't come with color, movies, web navigation.

Just give me a light laptop with an hybrid screen please, so I can read / work outside.

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