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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 499

> I have never been given any opportunity to negotiate on salary.

I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding your wording, or if hiring & promoting works differently for people other than myself.

I've never been GIVEN any opportunity to negotiate on salary. When I've gotten raises, it has been because I went to my boss and said I need more money.

So, I'm wondering if you've tried going to your boss and asking for more money? Are you being as passive as it seems to me, or am I just misunderstanding what you said?

Comment Re:Feature list (Score 2) 115

While I agree not everything should last forever, it should still be the goal, at least until the things we get are perfectly recyclable.

I just purchased a Nexus 6p. I was upgrading from an HTC One M7 GPE. I did not want to get a new phone, but the battery life of my HTC one had dropped to the point where it was barely usable. It went from lasting all day without a charge to needing multiple charges per day. The HTC One is the first phone I've owned that I had to retire because it failed. My wife had one that also died "early".

I don't have a problem if you decide you need or want a new phone & abandon a working phone to move on. However, I absolutely HATE being forced off a phone that does everything I need just because the manufacturer wants to be able to sell me another one.

Planned obsolescence should never be permitted for anything that can't be completely recycled. Accidental obsolescence should be good enough.

Comment Re: Not apples to apples (Score 1) 1023

Actually, anyone who pays attention will know. The food will be more consistently prepared.

If they calibrate everything properly, and set it up correctly, every burger, every fry, every shake will be perfect. If you set it up so that the customer enters their own order, you will eliminate the multitude of errors that are introduced into the process by the quality of humans that are currently involved in the process.

Of course, if they fail to set it up the way it should be, every burger will have half the cheese stuck to the wrapper, the fries will be burnt and over-salted every time, the sodas will be handed to the customer with too much ice... ...actually, that describes every experience at a couple fast food joints in Lansdale, PA. They need to re-calibrate their robots.

Comment Re:The usual negative logic here (Score 1) 266

As someone who rarely flies, I still pay for the TSA. I don't care about who they inconvenience, but I do care about the colossal corruption and waste of money that the organization represents.

My opinion is that the people in power (Congress, Bush, Obama, et al) have done far more damage than the terrorists did, and they are in fact doing the terrorists work for them. The founders of the USA would be disgusted by what we've become.

Ultimately, I'm not frightened of the terrorists. I'm frightened by the people in power who are using the threat of terrorism to frighten cowardly Americans into giving up our rights for the perception of safety. I'm frightened by the huge number of Americans who seem to be willing to abandon their principles because they think it will let them live a longer life.

Comment Re:Corruption + security theatre == profit (Score 1) 266

Was in New Orleans recently. My wife has some neck problems so I was carrying a reusable ice bag that we could fill with ice at the hotel and use throughout the day. When the ice melted, it had probably about 20 ounces of water in it.

Before we came home I forgot to empty it and forgot to take it out of the bag. Went right through security with no problem. When I discovered it was there (while on the plane), it was squished against the back of the bag. Probably no part of it was more than 1/2" thick except the cap. I'm not sure what it looked like on the xray...or even if anyone was looking.

Comment Re:Does the Donald stand for anything? (Score 5, Insightful) 879

I would point out that the gullible trump supporters are somewhat more complex than that. They believe that Trump means the things he says that they agree with, and they believe that he does not really mean the things he says that they disagree with. They are absolutely convinced of his dishonesty, yet they somehow think he's on their side.

NPR's This American Life did a segment about Alex Chalgren, an african-american, gay Trump supporter. In the segment, Alex explained that he supported Trump because Trump supported gay rights. Later when confronted by a statement from Trump saying that he would try to appoint judges to overrule the decision on same-sex marriage, he continued to defend Trump. He said that Trump only made the statement to get votes.

Trump rejected the one issue that Alex chose him for, and Alex continued to support him.


Comment Re:Fuck him (Score 1) 182

Of course, if he has managed to find a way to roll back time and uncreate things, we should probably work on uncreating nuclear weapons. Once we've done that, we can uncreate a bunch of other things, and perhaps encryption might become one of those, but I doubt it.

Wouldn't it be better to uncreate all crime? I mean, as long as we are going to start implementing impossible solutions to problems, we should aim high.

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