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Comment thumbscrews (Score 1) 303

Ok, if I were assigned the task to obtain your 'info', heres how it would go down.

First assume you encrypt everything, and use a vpn, and we've not been able to usb/social into your systems or hear/see you type your password(s)...and your info is time critical.

Either we'd detcord into a wall (never through the door), and grab everything and be out quick, grabbing YOU if your there and it can be arranged.
Then, if your smart, you make sure your not there.
If your not, and your dumb and we know who you are, we pick up your family/friends and let you know all is good if you turn over the info we need.
If you ARE there, we get the info within the hour from you, no problem, if somehow your a 'strong' one, we pick up your loved ones and you get to decide when to give us the intel.

Comment ummm truecrypt and vpn (Score 1) 303

Just truecrypt your machine and use a vpn, then don't worry about the rest....
Keep it simple and hard to crack if they get everything, assume everything gets taken away, and make sure they can't do anything even then.
Of course, thumb screws will make you give everything up....if they are used on the right person

Comment The golden rule of code writing (Score 1) 239

Write code in a way you'd like to read it, if you didn't write it and had to fix/extend it.

If you've been programming since the early 80's, you've probably had to go back to code you wrote 10+ years before on occasion.
If its written well, (haha) with good comments and variable/function names, you'll spend almost no time getting it to work again.
Clarity is key, avoiding writing code which makes debugging difficult, I often create a local var and pass it to a function when I could just put it in the function call. Why? Well, I can easily look at it in the debugger, the little extra effort of a local var gets optimized out anyway, and it makes debugging a LOT faster.

Comment What if you could land the first stage? (Score 1) 135

What if you could produce rocket fuel in outer space -- making it 83% cheaper?

Hey ULA, here's a unique idea for you, think how cheap space would be if you could reuse your rocket bits instead of burning them up!

Seriously, ULA is a big, overgrown fat, lazy organization....its days are numbered, trying to make headlines this way is a sign of its failure

They need to catch up with the competition before anyone will take their ideas seriously.

Comment yay, how about resizable windows next?? (Score 1) 260

Now if only I could resize a whole slew of windows....I know its new tech, and very hard to do, but pulling at the edges of a window SHOULD let you RESIZE IT...
hold on to your gravy grandpa!
Just the most relevant example, the path window itself in windows does NOT let you resize it, there are also several in visual studio which have huge lines in them, but nope, can't resize them, they are the perfect size!

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