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Comment Re:Journalism (Score 1) 187

This is how "fake news" is generated. Alternative facts parroted until they are more important than the actual real news .... Hillary and DNC actually conspired with the News Media to toss Bernie under a bus and rig an election. BUT RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS!!!

Yes and it was also Comey's fault for writing a letter to congress about new previously undisclosed emails that were discovered on Huma Abadeen's computer. Comey sabotaged Hillary and handed the election to Trump!

I remember laughing at the 'news' coming from Baghdad Bob, with him having to lie and distort even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Now it seems Baghdad Bob runs our mainstream news organizations.

Comment Not just colleges (Score 1) 123

For middle and high school students, the cost of one textbook can cover about an entire class worth of reading material to be print and bound. The era of keeping and reusing hardcover textbooks year after year is pretty much over, and the kids get to keep their text after they are done with the class. After all, this makes perfect sense, as why would you teach them and then expect that the learning materials be returned? Better that they can keep it for use as a reference as they go forward in school.

Comment Re:How Long Until M$ deliberately breaks this... (Score 1) 218

Obviously, circumventing the decision MS made to dictate which cpu you can use with their OS is a grave security risk, and will be addressed in the monthly megapatch as soon as possible. From their point of view, moving to the new patching model was a good decision.

Comment Re:Wonderful news ... (Score 1) 177

Why is it such a taboo to pass on some of those benefits to workers?

Because greed is good, capitalism is best, and if you're pathetic enough to be a peasant then who cares what the quality of your life is. Just work until you can't anymore, then kindly die because then you're just a leech that feels entitled to a retirement and free stuff. Profit is meant to be privatized and costs socialized, not the other way around. If you don't like that, then you should relocate to Venezuela because you obviously hate freedom and America too much to deserve living here.

In fact just considering such a question has left me feeling unclean, so excuse me while I must go to pray at my candlelit altar to Saint Reagan.

Comment in order to enhance your user experience (Score 1) 52

We can expect a steady drip of articles such as this, intended to marginalize anyone who does not utterly embrace the technology that surrenders the intimate details of our lives. We're not supposed to care that this data is traded without our control, having ceded it to corporations only interested in maximizing profit. The curated walled gardens that congealed in the ashes of the free and open internet will boldly proclaim such news as trending, making sure as many people as possible realize that they really have nothing to be concerned about.

Comment Re:Source (Score 1) 59

Maybe. An argument I'd use against geothermal vents being the origin of life on earth is that the environment in those conditions is too static and thus doesn't have the same evolutionary pressures. Its why the deeper you go in the ocean, the more living fossils you find.

I'm not a biochemist, but I would be interested to know if there was a particular quality of the deep sea hydrothermal vents that would have been more favorable for the formation of life in comparison to the rest of the young planet.

Comment Source (Score 2) 59

TFA is a CNN story? Here is a better source.

I love the idea of a mission to Europa or Enceladus. The best support for life existing there is right here on earth, on geothermal vents deep in the ocean. Life already exists in total darkness and feeds on hydrogen sulfide, under extreme pressure in water that's hotter than its boiling point on the surface.

Comment Where's the proof? (Score 1) 143

So the best evidence they have is the MAC address of the wifi adapter of the business laptop that wasn't returned. We all know how immutable that is.

The article seems merely to be parroting the court documents that were filed by Oracle, leading to a one sided story. Just as likely Patel is being being thrown under the bus for someone else' screwup, or perhaps a case of industrial sabotage. Excuse me if I don't assume anything Oracle is alleging as true.

Comment battery life is so important (Score 1) 236

Who cares about security, and MS siphoning up your user activity?

Edge could be ten times better than all the other browsers, assuming you can trust their metrics at all (which you can't). I wouldn't use it, for the same reason I wouldn't eat the world's most delicious sandwich if it happened to be sitting on top of a giant mound of shit.

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