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Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - News Station attacks Star Wars charity organization (

eagle1361 writes: A Florida news station published a slideshow making fun of the volunteer Star Wars costuming organization, 501st Legion (, which helped raise over $12 million dollars world wide last year. The geek community has been quick to lash out against this blatant cyber-bullying. The station removed the slideshow but without any apparent remorse or action against the reporter.

Submission + - M-Carbon: 50yro mystery solved ( 1

slew writes: Unlike its more famous carbon cousins: diamonds and fullerenes, you've probably never heard of M-Carbon, but this form of compressed graphite which is as hard as diamonds has baffled researcher for half a century. Over the past few years, many theoretical computations have suggested at least a dozen different crystal structures for this phase of carbon, but new experiments showed that only one crystal structure fits the data: M-carbon.

Comment work for the (US) government (Score 1) 525

If you're a GS (general schedule) US government employee, you get rated as "met" or "not met" expectations. Everyone except true losers get across the board "met". Not that the pay changes much regardless. Pay and performance are pretty much uncoupled. Work hard and get paid the same as the lazy guy across the hall. And people wonder why government employees are lazy...

Comment the good and the bad (Score 3, Interesting) 433

As a young engineer myself, the good part of the story is that there will be more promotion possibilities because the older workers are retiring. The bad part is that the reason for the decline is the loss of job security and pay that barely pays the school loans and isn't matching inflation most times makes S&E a somewhat risky career path.

Comment Institute of DisTechnology? (Score 2) 134

Great Plan...Ban electronics but then go to eBooks for all your textbooks. How does one follow along with the lecture? Let's ban notebook paper as well. We wouldn't want students doodling instead of listening to the professor...

Honesty, I might expect this policy from a liberal arts college, but not an Institute of Technology. If the student doesn't want to pay attention, they can fail the class. Learning is the responsibility of the student not the teacher. (I've been through many of classes through my undergrad and grad level classes.)

As technology becomes more common, schools and teachers need to embrace it, not demonize it.

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