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Submission + - Bitcoin hits new all-time high of $32

Sabbetus writes: Bitcoin tops its previous all-time high of $31.91 and in doing so it proves to be quite a resilient virtual currency. To the supporters of Bitcoin this does not come as a surprise, since we have seen the likes of WordPress, Reddit and Mega embrace it. Recently Namecheap also confirmed that they will start accepting bitcoins. The new record price was reached on the same day that Mt. Gox, the world's largest Bitcoin exchange, reached an agreement with CoinLab to manage the exchange's operations in the U.S. and Canada.

Comment Re:Didn't do the math (Score 1) 294

No. In case seller try's to set certain % cut for developers. No matter what price they sell it forward. And making possible discounts go from developeres wallet not theirs.

If you make cookies and sell one pack of cookies for 1€ to my shop, i will pay you 1€ per pack.
After that i can charge from those cookies to consumers whatever i want.

What would you like if afterwards tell you (your flour per cookies cost 0,8€/pack, just to demonstrate) that i decided to give discount from cookies and tell you that i decided to pay only 0,5€/pack to you.

In many cases manufacturers try to "suggest" retail pricing by labelling price into products prior shipping.

So truly it should go developers tells their price and vendors decide how mutch "profit" they want to add into price. And in many cases retail into retail pricing affect manufacturers willingness to set certain price+profit for their product and local competition usually keeps cost reasonable.

Comment Civilization (Score 1) 418

Try civilization (IV is prob better than V and you can buy that by 10€), or some another turn-based strategy game. Other game witch addicted me is minecraft. I would encourage you to give a try for either one of them or both.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 178

Maybe i need to clarify. I know google is best search engine out there but i hope that there would rise new competitor even equal to google. And by abusing power i meant, i don't know if google is giving results over others that suit's its financial or political goals. Either way google has way too mutch power in internet.

Comment Choice (Score 1) 178

Google might be abusing it's power but what we really do need is real choice.

We have basically bing and google and every other search site have licenced their engines.

I personally am not really happy about bing and there seems to be no true alternative for google. I welcome more competition into search engine market.

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