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Feed How-To: Make an Xbox 360 laptop (part 1) (engadget.com)

Filed under: Features, Gaming, Laptops

The making-of How-To for the Xbox 360 laptop will be in three parts. In today's segment we'll discuss the parts list, stripping down an Xbox 360 motherboard, and modding / reattaching the DVD and hard drives. The next installment will cover case design, construction and hacking the LCD display, as well as wiring the video. Part 3 will then describe wiring all the separate parts together, troubleshooting, and finishing up the unit. Full design files will be including along the way. Let's take a look and prep to get started!

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Submission + - Deeper look at ProRes 422 video

JonathanF writes: "AppleInsider decided to poke around the ProRes 422 video codec for Apple's Final Cut Studio 2 and seems to have found that Apple's move was as much a practical one as a way of selling more Macs — basically, that Apple was faced with limiting HD video editing to very expensive systems and that it needed a way of making the format work for everyday computers. I'm sure more than a few video gurus will be happy that their MacBook Pro will handle HD on a live video shoot now."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - PC makers walk fine line with 'crapware'

WeeBit writes: ""For years, computer makers have managed to wring a few extra bucks of profit out of each PC sale by bundling all sorts of third-party software. While adding software, setting default search engines and including toolbars can all put money in PC makers' pockets, the practice has also alienated some consumers who say all such "crapware" is clogging their hard drives and bogging down their systems. "

PC makers walk fine line with 'crapware'

I would lots rather be offered the full version software, than get the trial versions. I don't like toolbars on the browsers at all. Plus I don't feel the public should have to pay for something they don't get in the first place. Maybe if they offered us like five software fully functional for a year at a reduced price? The trial versions are definitely hated by me, and many others. Most I never intend to use, or I prefer another software to do the job. Plus they do clog the pc with this stuff. I am a firm believer of choice. Most of the vendors though you get what you get, and your stuck with it. So normally a new computer to me means cleaning the hard drive as soon as you take it out of the box.* As I said though... Why should we pay for something we are not getting?"

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