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Journal Journal: Recruiting Philippines Talent

The explosive growth of the call center industry is creating many exciting new career paths for Filipinos. Demand for white collar “office” workers is growing rapidly. What is the result? An awesome selection of job opportunities for you!

Call centers have evolved in the Philippines. The call center is now a large part of the newer “Business Process Outsourcing” thrust.

The staff at PI Outsource wants you to remember that call centers have become total business enterprises with job offerings and positions for you in many types of agent and non-agent careers . Web designers, computer programmers, IT networking specialists, human resources, legal aides and security specialists are all part of a well-oiled functioning call-center team.

TeleDevelopment opens the door for you to succeed. Since 1991, TeleDevelopment has been assisting clients with global hiring solutions. They have been working with call centers and BPO companies for over 15 years.

Our hiring requirements run far and wide. Our recent hires have gone on to careers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the UK.

Let PI Outsource and TeleDevelopment be your stepping stone to a successful career with the top companies in the Philippines and abroad. When you are hired with us, you can be assured that you will be treated with respect and care. The salaries and benefits of our partner clients are 2nd to none

We are holding open interviews and hiring office workers for both internal (TeleDevelopment) and external clients. Please look for our special promotions coming soon. Visit us at Robinson’s Equitable Building, Ortigas. 36th Floor Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm.

Please note, our office is in Ortigas, however we hire for the whole National Capital Region. We have positions in many locations including Makati, Origas, Alabang, Pasig, Pasay, Mandaluyong, Quezon City and satellite Philippines locations. We will try to find you a job close to your location. Relocation fees may be available.

Interview, qualify and accept a new career today and receive 1000 peso signing bonus from PI Outsource. Walk-ins need to mention PI Outsource website as your referral to qualify. eMail your Resume.

Upward and Onward.

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Journal Journal: PI Outsource: Real Time Website Visitor Monitoring

Knowledge is power. Enable your website with real time
visitor monitoring software. Greet the surfers to your site, just like a Walmart

Indianapolis, IN - Chicago, IL - Atlanta, GA -
Manila, Philippines (SLASHDOT May 12, 2006)--
by Douglas J. Watson

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone monitoring your website 24/7 that could
reach out and talk to all the visitors (surfers) that are on each page of your
website, in real time? Find out where they are from, who they are, what they are
looking for! This is a very powerful tool for business.

Imagine your website was like a regular retail store. What if you could greet each
potential customer as they entered your establishment? What if you knew what store
they just came from? What if you knew their location? What if you knew what aisle
they were in and could talk to them about how you could help them find what they
need? Introduce yourself to every customer who surfs your website! Offer solutions,
solve problems, make recommendations and close the deal.

PI Outsource can make your online website feel like a brick and mortar store. PH Web
can help you reach out and chat with every customer while they are on your site. You
can see geographically where your customers are surfing from, what web page they
came from, how long they have been on your site, what specific page they are on.

Collect information, save email addresses and names of each customer, save and email
copies of your chat transcripts to your customer and sales department for follow up.

Website monitoring software from PI Outsource literally blows people away. Think
about it, if you were looking for a product or service on the web, and a real live
person initiated a chat session with you while you were surfing their website, you
would be very impressed. It's not rocket science; impressed and informed surfers
will spend their money with you.

PI Outsource is offering a free consultation on how you can monitor and contact the
surfers on your website using offshore outsourced labor.

This technology is readily available and it seems that few people know or use it.
Contact them to learn how to put your business on the forefront of ecommerce.
312-235-2240 Day
812-669-4205 Evening

Web Site =

Contact Details = Doug Watson
Atlanta GA
312-235-2240 Day
812-669-4205 Evening

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