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Comment Most sites are loaded with fake profiles or worse. (Score 1, Informative) 311

Dating sites can be scams, watch out.

Who would join a dating site with no members? No one! So how does a dating site get started? They fill up their bucket with fake profiles. (Hundreds of thousands of them).

Even better, watch out for the "free to sign up" sites. Yes, they are free to sign up! Within hours or days you will get a message from a lady, telling you how cute you are and that "she likes whatever you like too".

This girl is called a dating angel. She works for the dating site (outsourced to the Philippines). Her job (the job of the team of angels) is to reply to ALL new "free" members. The trick? The new member needs to pay his membership to write back to his new angel. He will pay up, write back and never hear from her again!

Watch out for the Filipino "Chat scammers they will befriend you inside a dating site, and then try to get you to either pay to see them on cam on a pay cam site or ask for money because their carabao died.

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