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Comment Ubuntu user here (Score 1) 52

The only thing I expect from a desktop it to get out of my way. Most of my work is using applications like chrome or open-office that are the same on windows or linux. Most of Windows specific programs (like photoshop) work out of the box in wine. My PC is secured with ssh. I can share directories my the PC of my wife (also using ubuntu) using ssh-fs. If I have left a document I am working on at home, I can wake up my pc from internet and access it. If I want to download a youtube video, it is as simple as typing install youtube-dl. With docker, I can install different programming ecosystems in different images. NFS configuration for my NAS disk is straight forward without clicking insane checkboxes like in windows.

I agree that the desktop is nicer in Windows but once you stop trying to do on linux what you used to do in windows, your productivity increases incredibly. Command line is fare more effective than mouse as soon as you have a repetitive task you can automate.

Comment I disagree with "Wasteful algorithms" (Score 1) 674

What is called "Wasteful algorithms" is not bad programming but another way to present a good old programming practice: "premature optimization is the root of all evil".

I think the main rule is: "It is ok to violate rules as long as you know that you are violating a rule, you know why you are violating it and you know the problems you may face".

Comment Working remotly at least available on windows (Score 1) 125

When I was student (around 1992), I have worked remotely using vi and a text terminal (minitel) using 1200 bauds modem. I have also used export DISPLAY between locations separated by 500 km. It was far more usable than nowadays with ADSL. I think Microsoft has worked a lot to avoid that this kind of features arrives on Windows. I hope this will become mainstream quickly. But, damn! 25 years!

Comment Since she arrived at yahoo, (Score 1) 159

she has succeeded in changing the image of the society. It was hopelessly dying. Now, it is still not very healthy, but the reputation has improved a lot. Such a success in a society where shareholders are such dicks, I think she is really strong. If the stupid shareholders fire Marissa Meyer, I close my yahoo email account and I remove my bookmarks on yahoo.

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