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Comment Re:I thought Mozilla had stopped development on Th (Score 1) 47

This is a good question- its one I had myself after I had been using only Thunderbird for about a decade. Then I changed platforms and used some other clients, and recently came back to Thunderbird because my main machine died. I have to say that Thunderbird need work. Two items I noticed:

1) proper threading. Lets face it, the gmail "chat style" presentation is actually very good compared with digging through "sent" or separate mboxes
2) better integration with calendar/reminders/todos

Thunderbird is still a good client, and it is particularly good at fine-grained control (compare the number of available settings with the number in the Win10 mail client- the latter looks like a toy). However, it can be improved and brought up to date with new ideas that are now common currency in mail clients.

Comment Re:For the people who can buy a nice laptop (Score 1) 126

I think you have a good comparison, but I was wondering about the relative portability. Oryx: 15.2 × 10.7 × 1.1, 5.50lbs; MacBook Pro 15, 13.75" x 9.48" x 0.61", 4.02lbs. Though I don't think the Oryx is unmanageable, and I do think Apple might go to far looking for thin-ness, I have to give the MacBook Pro the edge on size.

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