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Comment Re:None of this matters, it has no headphone jack. (Score 1) 324

They can plug their headphones in via the adapter, or use the lightning headphones included in the box, or use bluetooth. And if they really need to charge while using headphones, I'm sure that they will have a 3rd party cable in short order. I really don't understand the constant whining about this - there are probably more users who never use headphones with their iPhone than people who charge while using headphones.

Comment Because Android owners are poor, they are honest (Score 1) 180

iPhone users are much richer than android users on average, and poor people are more honest and trustworthy than rich people. In fact, you can make people more honest and trustworthy by making them feel poor in comparison to others, and you can make people less honest and trustworthy by making them feel rich in comparison.

Comment Re:Noooooooo! (Score 1) 366

Netflix has problems with streaming, at least on an AppleTV. If I rent an iTunes movie and watch it right away, it never stops to rebuffer, but netflix shows often do. I think that they need to improve their data rates and buffering before they try to compete with anybody.

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