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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - e-gold finds crooks, Feds take all the credit. (informationweek.com)

e-gold writes: "http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/ 2007/07/whos_fighting_i.html or maybe that should read "protecting the not-so-mighty buck in a dishonest way." And you've rejected these before, but this adds a new bias-angle to the mix. One would think Slashdot users might want a clue about this case, considering the fact that ZERO G&SR employees — not one — have left despite the lurid allegations....But what do I know, I'm stupid enough to admit I'm biased, unlike the news media... JMR"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - e-gold response to false criminal charges

e-gold writes: "I'm Jim Ray. I do not speak for e-gold despite my nick here. My boss is Dr. Jackson, the "accused". I would like to direct your readers to his response www.e-gold.com/letter3.html , in particular the hyperlinks. We're especially interested in independent legal views of the transcript from the emergency hearing before Magistrate Judge Facciola on 12/29/05 and the emails between myself and the USSS circa 11/04 — 1/05, which are linked to the document. Journalists who care about these issues should contact me if they wish to contact Dr. Jackson. I do not submit many stories to Slashdot, but this is truly an injustice. I'll point out that not one G&SR employee has left. We're all here, despite the lurid allegations financed by our taxes, because we all know we're 100% innocent, not just "not guilty." Thanks for considering this, and as usual, if any readers dare to create an account, I'll click them a bit to try if they send me an account#. JMR"

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