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Comment Re:Not slashdot too! (Score 0) 161

That's it. I've reached my limit. I am removing Slashdot from my RSS reader. It's no longer news for nerds, it's news for idiots who think they're nerds. The number of inane, boring, misleading, untrue, crazy, stupid and just plain wrong posts far, far outnumber legitimate items of interest. Buffoons post stories and another set of buffoons approve them. Goodbye, Slashdot.

Comment Re:Units (Score 1) 370

Idiocy wasn't the point, really. Some dude insinuating that the Good Ole Days were better, when he clearly wasn't around for the Good Ole Days, was the point. You get a "Also, nice six-digit UID starting with 5. Get the fuck off my lawn," too.

Comment Re:Math environments are hackable hobbyist friendl (Score 1) 301

>all desktop applications

Yeah, try dragging a PC or even a laptop with you as you swing a machete with 40-50 pounds of gear on your back.

Or try stuffing a PC into your toolbox.

Not everyone works behind a desk.

You're an ivory tower weenie. Shut up.

-- BMO

How old are you? 3? How am I suppose to respond to "You're an ivory tower weenie. Shut up.". Schoolyard taunt? Grow the fuck up.

Last time I checked a hiking backpack and a small laptop were an option for most. You can even get toughened notebooks. You'd know that if you ever held a machete you arrogant ass. But I somehow don't see an image of you walking through the jungle with a machete in one hand and your HP or TI calculator in the other even semi realistic.

Go troll somewhere else, and make it believable.

Dude. You just told Bear Grylls to grow the fuck up. Better get your house in order. You are not long for this Erf.

Comment Re:No, I'm not going to RTFA just to find out (Score 5, Informative) 193


Cement is an ingredient of concrete. It is not the finished product. Calling concrete "cement" is as stupid as calling clothing "cotton", or calling a sandwich "mayonnaise". Once you apply the mayonnaise to bread and add some lunchmeat, your creation has become a sandwich, and it is no longer simply mayonnaise.

Yeah, I get that fucking irritated by this.


Comment Re:Future? (Score 1) 136

I had a roommate with a mid-range projector upon which we would play console games. Shot it at a white wall in a room with good blinds to keep it dark. Playing a fighting game or Madden with life-sized characters is awesome. Highly recommended. I get the feeling it wouldn't be as neat with a PC game, though: we had big plushy couches to sit on, which would be an impediment if playing an FPS with mouse and keyboard, though any game requiring a gamepad would be fantastic.

Comment Re:Eastern Europe (Score 1) 591

Are you insinuating that market penetration of Firefox in a region is an indicator of overall acceptance of OSS in that region? That's pretty asinine, even for /. If you ask ten random Firefox users why they use it, I wager that nobody will answer "because it's open source." In fact, I'll double down on that wager: I bet nobody in that random sample of ten will even know that Firefox is open source, or, for that matter, know what open source means.

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