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Comment Re:Marching Morons (Score 1) 823

Thank you! I was sure I had read this at some time and I just couldn't remember the title.

As I remember, the point was that people had become so stupid that fake engine noise and wind coming from the dashboard was all that was necessary to give the morons the sensation of speed and power. I guess we're just a fake breeze away from being those morons.

Written by Cyril M. Kornbluth, originally published in Galaxy in April 1951.

Comment Re:How will I heat my home now? (Score 1) 944

Incandescent technology is far superior to LEDs for electrothermal conversion efficiency. LEDs waste too much energy as visible light.

You laugh, but that excess heat was the basis for the EZ-Bake oven from my childhood. Those ovens actually baked things. Think of the children! How are tomorrows children going to learn how to bake?

Comment Re:No It's Not (Score 2) 312

He may have gotten us all to open our eyes regarding the NSA, Constitutional abuses, Corporate America's involvement and capitulation, etc, but as long as he has more documents his mission is not complete.

If he's smart (and I think he is) there is a cache of documents somewhere that the NSA never wants exposed. The NSA knows he has them. That's Snowden's insurance policy. They will only come out if Snowden is killed or captured.

Comment Re:Way to state the obvious (Score 4, Insightful) 552

false, the Sun and insolation drives climate and climate change, greenhouse gas effects are secondary. First thing one learns in any serious geophysics course.

I made a mistake and read the referenced article. When will I learn...

I think what it says is that the computer models don't show significant change when the solar radiation input is modified. I don't think I'm splitting hairs here. They aren't saying that the climate is not affected by changes in solar radiation.

The computer models are just approximations for the climate. They have been proven to be bad at predicting the future (like the current 10 year lull in warming). Wake me up when the computer models account for the ice ages.

Comment Re:"imagine juicing up a credit-card-thin phone... (Score 1) 244

imagine juicing up a credit-card-thin phone in less than a second

I'd like to, but my fuses just blew, the connector in the phone melted down, there's a smell of burning plastic insulation in my room, and a small fire seems to have started burning here, so I have other things on my mind!

Why is this rated funny instead of insightful? Moving more energy in less time is going to generate heat, lots of heat.

Also, instead of flawed batteries that seriously overheat we could have flawed batteries that explode.

Comment Re:Nice distro but they messed up the desktop (Score 1) 244

The Debian silliness is the cold adherence to free software. A Debian desktop needs a lot of tweeking before stuff "just works" (like Flash). Debian also lags behind other distributions because they prioritize stability over cutting edge features. ( ... unless you use the Test version.)

I understand and accept that I have to do those tweeks, but I think I'm the exception.

On the server side, I really appreciate the stodgy Debian way. Solid uptime rocks!

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