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Submission + - Microsoft's free concerts lead fans on a chase (skunkpost.com)

crimeandpunishment writes: Microsoft's marketing of its new Kin cell phone is a cross between social networking and a game of Clue. The company is trying to tap into its young target audience by throwing a series of surprise free concerts featuring big names in small venues. But you have to find the show. Microsoft is using tweets, texts, and other online clues in the days leading up to each concert. The first two shows were held in New York and San Francisco, and generated a big buzz. The remaining shows will be held in Atlanta and Chicago.

Comment Re:Wimax (Score 2, Interesting) 74

It is worth nothing that while LTE is still in development Sprint and Clearwire have already deployed 4G services that are operational and covering 30 million people in the US. Wimax is deployed in around 145 countries worldwide. Sprint will have a 4G device in 2Q or 3Q this year, and will likely have 120 million people covered by 4G before LTE is even deployed here.

But the 4g sprint's rolling out is only 10 mb/s while the 4g verizon will be rolling out will be up to 100 mb/s.

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