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Comment Re:I was hired where I interned (Score 3, Funny) 325

Oh yes and make yourself a list on how everybody likes his coffee.

First thing in the morning make sure everyone et a cup before asking.

It might help to be there a little early.

Get a little rolling bolster, so delivering coffee will be easier.

It might be funny for your co-workers, if you get a little starbucks cap.

Comment Read Dilbert (Score 4, Funny) 325


read Dilbert to get more insight into the Industry then you ever wanted.
Also you may want do have a look at Userfriendly, Hackles and early Reallifecomics.

Maybe all this wisdom can help you picture, where you are going.

For your Internship, be ready to be the *** of the Company.

Do not stop looking for more internship opportunities.
Books Limits E-book Sales To US Citizens 182

An anonymous reader writes " seems to have begun applying distribution restrictions to its library. I first noticed that there was a FAQ page about distribution restrictions this morning. When I tried to order a few books this afternoon I simply couldn't — a large banner on the order confirmation told me the books had distribution restrictions. I checked a number of titles but it seems a large number of books are no longer available to non-US citizens like me. It is interesting to note that this policy change got implemented shortly after Barnes&Noble purchased Fictionwise. I have no idea if the new owners are behind this new policy but it seems crazy to restrict sales of ebooks. I've bought dozens of ebooks from eReader the past 4 years. I still have 15 dollar store credit but cannot buy any of the books I am interested in." (Right now, the link that should display these new geographic restrictions returns an error message that says the page is being updated.) Sounds like Barnes & Noble is taking its cues from Apple.

Comment Re:Great for Obama (Score 1) 918

Even though, I also support Obama, as far as this is possible from Europe,
you post is undemocratic in so many levels, that it really bugs me. You
Seem to miss the sole basis of Democracy.

Your Argument: Taking away the chance to influence the election, from fellow
citizen, would be good, because the outcome looks more, like what I was
hoping for.


First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Map your School

dzafez writes: "In Response to the Slashdot article covering a Student getting kicked off of his
regular school ( 839251:

Even though, I don't ever play games anymore, I think this map should be published.
I would even go further, hell kids pick some good anon nicks with a anon e-mail address
and start sending me maps of your schools. I will host them on my german website.
Don't forget to let me know where (google maps) exactly the Highschool is, which
you rebuild. I will put that google maps link next to it. Also let me know, for
which game (version) this map is. I would love to see some older games as well.
If you do 3D rebuilds of your School in Autocat, Blender, VRML ... whatever 3D.

Bring it on, map at dzafez .de"

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