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Comment Re:And this is different how? (Score 1) 337

Raw clock speed is raw clock speed, but at a certain point the resources needed to push the clock speed higher are not economical. The chip runs too hot and draws too much power. So adding extra cores makes more sense as the power demand will go up, more or less. linearly with processing power. It might even make sense to slow the default clock speed to be able to add more cores. Your clock speed will go down, but you processing speed, (ie # of instruction completed per second) will go up.

Yes there is some overhead in having to parallelize stuff, but even with that your still going to be ahead of the game.

Comment And this is different how? (Score 1) 337

Raw Clock speed has been meaningless for the last few chip generations. And actually dropped a few gens ago. All for the sake of efficiency. The as speed goes up power consumption goes up exponentially. But the same works in reverse, by lowering speed a little bit you get a huge savings in power, which allows you to do stuff like add additional cores. So while raw speed goes down total computing power goes up. This just seems like more of the same.

Comment It all comes down to blood and money. (Score 1) 99

Sadly any answer probably boils down to the fact that not enough people have been injured and/or died yet. Hang a few bodies around the problem and you can bet the government will start taking security on these devices much more seriously. Hang a few lawsuits on them and the companies might do something about it themselves.

Comment Re:Thousandth of an inch (Score 1) 307

Most of that dust is probobly on the stationary part of the fans. The main idea for this heatsink is that the HEATSINK doesn't get as much dust on it. Take a look at most fans they get some dust on the blades, but it doesn't really build up over time, as compared to the dust that accumulates on the stationary fins of a standard heatsink.

Comment Re:A year old? (Score 1) 307

In no way is this like a Boundary Drag Pump. It has blades, the defining characteristic of a Tesla pump is that it DOSEN'T have blades. Yes they both talk about the boundary layer effect, but the heat sink is trying to minimize it as it impeads heat transer to the air, while a tesla pump tries to maximize it as that is how the pump transfers motion to the liquid.

Comment Re:Compared to the moon (Score 1) 531

Two things wrong with that, first the proposal is to put it in orbit around the moon, not Earth, so they are taking safety into account.

Second, crashing it into the moon would make it more expensive to extract as you would have to mine the minerals out the moons crust, as the impact would mix the two together a fair bit. they would still be concentrated, but not as much as on the roid, also you would then have the cost of boosting them out of the moons gravity well, While not that strong, the minirals were out of it to begin with.

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