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Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 137

The Wired post was a bit over-reaching, sure... but that's Wired for you.

The bigger point is that science is about testability, not story-telling. There may soon come a day when our analysis can prove that something is true without our being able to explain why it is true.

We are already there in many respects, but will be much further along when the current crop of Bayesian diagnostics hits the market. Combine those with the flood of information that personal genomics companies hope to make available and you might see an explosion of insight into diagnosing disease states.

Does that mean we're all done with lab science? Of course not. But our research may come to focus more on understanding what our diagnostics have already proven, rather than on charting new frontiers of knowledge.

Call it what you will, that's a pretty big change in how people organize and gather knowledge.

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