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Comment Re:Traditionalists shouldn't panic anyways (Score 3, Insightful) 247

Printed books are only superior in possibly 3 ways, being able to trade them, being able to use them without electricity and being able to mark them up. Which is really only 2 ways, as anybody that enamored with them shouldn't be writing in them. Both of those can be dealt with, solar cells and fixing the DRM model.

Why shouldn't they be writing in them? My favourite books are marked up with my thoughts and insights. When I go back and re-read the books I can see how I've changed in my understanding of the book. I totally understand that I can mark up ebooks as well, but I'd be terrified that my notes would disappear from certain devices.


Education Official Says Bad Teachers Can Be Good For Students 279

Zenna Atkins, the chairman of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), has raised some eyebrows by saying that, "every school should have a useless teacher." She stresses that schools shouldn't seek out or tolerate bad teaching, but thinks bad teachers provide a valuable life-lesson. From the article: "... on Sunday Ms Atkins told the BBC that schools needed to reflect society, especially at primary level. 'In society there are people you don't like, there are people who are incompetent and there are often people above you in authority who you think are incompetent, and learning that ability to deal with that and, actually surviving that environment can be an advantage.'"

NHS Should Stop Funding Homeopathy, Says Parliamentary Committee 507

An anonymous reader writes "Homeopathic remedies work no better than placebos, and so should no longer be paid for by the UK National Health Service, a committee of British members of parliament has concluded. In preparing its report, the committee, which scrutinizes the evidence behind government policies, took evidence from scientists and homeopaths, and reviewed numerous reports and scientific investigations into homeopathy. It found no evidence that such treatments work beyond providing a placebo effect." Updated 201025 19:40 GMT by timothy: This recommendation has some people up in arms.

Comment Re:unpossible (Score 3, Insightful) 1343

As a current student at the University of Waterloo, I only had to pass the English Language Proficiency Exam. I did not have to take any writing courses after the exam. However, I think there are some supplementary courses available if you do fail. Personally, I think they should be failing more than 30% of the students. Some of the writing I have seen from my peers is horrible! (I don't think being in Engineering is an acceptable excuse for not being able to write coherently)

Has Apple Created the Perfect Board Game Platform? 531

andylim writes " is running an interesting piece about how Apple has created a 'Jumanji (board game) platform.' The 9.7-inch multi-touch screen is perfect for playing board games at home, and you could use Wi-Fi or 3G to play against other people when you're on your own. What would be really interesting is if you could pair the iPad with iPhones, 'Imagine a Scrabble iPad game that used iPhones as letter holders. You could hold up your iPhone so that no one else could see your letters and when you were ready to make a word on the Scrabble iPad board, you could slide them on to the board by flicking the word tiles off your iPhone.' Now that would be cool."

Submission + - Barbie as a Computer Engineer? (

dylannika writes: It looks like it's time again for Barbie to find a new job. She's already tried her hand at being a race car driver, a rock star, an olympic athlete and an astronaut, now you can vote for her to try the field of Computer Engineering. Maybe there are some brains behind those big blue eyes. Maybe she won't find that "math is hard" this time...

Should Barbie try Computer Engineering?

Comment Statistics is more than probability... (Score 1) 572

From what I've read, most of the responders here seem to have a poor grasp of what the field of statistics encompasses. Statistics is not just probability (in the form of flip a coin, choose a door, and poker hands), but can also be used to effectively design an experiment, and reduce the variation in a production line among other things. Personally, I find statistics to be rewarding field of study and that it is easily applicable in the real world. Just don't tell that to my classmates who stare at me as if I have sprouted extra appendages when I tell them I am not graduating with them because I'm extending my engineering degree with an option in statistics...

Comment Re:How do you market them to females? (Score 3, Insightful) 284

Every game that you can procure has some form of marketing, even if it is just limited to the box the game comes in, or the website it is accessed from. With that in mind I'd like the marketing to:

Show me a mix of character types, not just one skinny, large breasted woman wearing little more than underwear. (One game I will never look at, and know virtually nothing about because of this is Evony).

Advertise the social/team aspect more. I believe someone earlier in the discussion mentioned they would like to see a study in time vs progression in male vs female players. It is possible that women play for different reasons. I personally see no need to be the first/strongest in the game world, but would rather have fun playing with others. I am not saying this differentiation is clear cut across the gender line.

And my pipe dream is to be able to play a game like Halo and not get hit on or screamed at because I'm a girl on voice chat. I don't go on there to hit on guys or scream at others, why should I have to deal with that? I won't even wear a headset anymore. I'm not sure how developers or marketers would be able to address this issue, but it does hamper my enjoyment of some games. I am well aware that I am not the voice of every girl gamer out there (nor am I necessarily even consistent in my own views of games since I quite enjoy DOA beach volley ball) Big boobs aren't always a deal breaker, but lets have some choice?

Comment Re:Maybe they'll start marketing to females? (Score 3, Interesting) 284

Maybe more of my friends would play. Maybe I would play different games. Maybe I'd have a character who doesn't have to run around scantily clad with huge breasts. These are things we do complain about (and are reasons some of my other female friends won't start playing). And there are plenty of games I won't even look at because these images are all that constitute the marketing of the game. I'm just saying the games could milk more money out of their players by focusing some energy on us girls!

Comment Maybe they'll start marketing to females? (Score 5, Informative) 284

There are girls who game, and who game quite extensively. I would call myself one of those girls, and I easily log 20+ hours a week playing. Granted, my friend set is probably a little skewed since we're all females in either engineering or CS, so I won't comment on the numbers of girls that exhibit these traits. That being said, maybe game marketers will wake up and realize that we do play, and that we do invest a lot of time into it and maybe they'll actually try to start marketing to more of us. We're just as happy to plunk down our cash for a game. And we're probably more likely to plunk down extra cash on "accessories" and other non functional goodies to make our characters look good...

Comment other stuff (Score 1) 211

Besides the obvious backup power, cooling, environmental stuff mentioned above....

1. Expandability.. how much rack/cage space is available nearby? Get a right of refusal on any empty space near your stuff if you can.
2. Power max per rack, can you get enough for SAN's, blades etc
3. Remote hands availability/skills/costs (really want to make a trip to the datacenter to replace dead hard drives? No. Do the employees know enough to do *limited* work for you)
4. 24/7 access, near employees if a physical presence is required
5. What sort of racks do they have? Can you buy your own?
6. Storage space. Need 100 servers shipped but don't have racks yet? Need to keep spare hardware on hand? Do they have room keep that for you?
7. How many/what carriers do they offer? How is access delivered? What does their network look like?
8. Do they have spare tools/network cables/misc parts. Can they order stuff for you, or is there some place nearby you can pick things up if needed in a hurry?
9. How many employees can you get access for?
10. Do they have a crash cart? Comfortable place to work? Wifi or other forms of internet access available?

Comment Re:Zealots caught in Gnu/Stallmans trap (Score 3, Interesting) 521

I wonder who pays these gentlemen.

If you had read the summary you'd see they work for the OSI and the Linux Foundation. Hardly organizations that are anti-GPL, anti-FOSS or anti-Linux.

OSI was founded by people who were unhappy with the Free Software Foundation and the GPL. OSI Founder Eric S. Raymond recently said that the GPL is no longer needed.

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