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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - StarCraft 2: Hell, it's about time.

armanox writes: "At long last StarCraft 2 has been announced. The website promises a single player campaign to pick up were BroodWar left off, more units, 3d gameplay, enhanced returning units, enhanced, and a fitting motto: Hell, It's about time."

Submission + - Stolen laptop contains NU alumni SSNs

omeomi writes: "For the third time since 2005, students and alumni of Northwestern University have been exposed to identity theft. In a letter dated May 11, 2007, Associate Provost Michael E. Mills contacted an undisclosed number of potential victims, informing them of the theft of a laptop computer from the Office of Financial Aid, containing student and alumni records. A petition website has been set up in an attempt to convince NU officials to better protect student and alumni privacy."

Submission + - Altoids DS Game Case

Callum writes: "Its a Sunday and exams are coming up, its the perfect time to cut and stick some pokemon cards into an altoids tin, no?
My old DS Games holder reached it limit so I made my own, it holds 10 games, a stylus, and has room for a cloth."

Submission + - Google phone to ship by year end says HTC

morpheus83 writes: "Handset componenent makers are reporting that the much awaited Google handset will hit the global markets early next year, the phone will support Texas Instruments' (TI) 3G platform and EDGE, however it will lack GPS functionality. The phone will feature Gmail and Google search. Google will first partner with European telecom provider Orange for the launch of the handset report analysts."

Feed Google Phone launching end of 2007? (

Filed under: Cellphones

var digg_url = ' d_of_2007'; The on-again, off-again Google Phone rumors just got a healthy stir by Digitimes. The Taiwanese tech rag says that HTC is building the phone with initial shipments set to hit by the "end of 2007" -- globally in 2008. They cite "handset component makers" as their source. The phones will feature Texas Instruments' 3G platform with EDGE and of course built-in G-Mail and Google Maps. Unfortunately, they will not be GPS enabled. The handsets are also said to sport both Google and carrier branding with "sources" claiming that European's Orange might be the first carrier to see the hotness. Digitimes doesn't have the best track record with rumors so please everybody... exhale and let's wait for secondary confirmation.

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Submission + - Shape-shifting 'smart dust' to explore planets

moon_monkey writes: New Scientist has a story about computer simulations that show how 'smart dust' sensors ould explore other planets simply by changing their shape. John Barker, at the University of Glasgow, created computer models in which tens of thousands of devices measuring 1 cubic millimetre each travelled across the surface of Mars by switching their shape from smooth to dimpled. The smooth dust sensors are carried on the Martian wind, while the rough ones experience enough drag to fall back to the surface and Barker found that thousands of these devices could navigate 20 kilometers this way. They could perhaps be used this way for chemical or biological sensing and exploration.

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