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Comment I think it's kind of silly (Score 4, Insightful) 620

This whole thing could be solved by:

a] drivers watching for pedestrians, like they're supposed to be doing [but who actually follows the laws these days?].
b] pedestrians checking for traffic before they walk into areas that might be occupied by cars; as it would actually be smart [this may be too much to ask].
c] lawmakers passing laws that actually benefit a majority of people, not just a small minority.

If this does go into effect, though, my car is totally going to have the TIE Fighter sound.

Comment just a thought (Score 1) 283

I am also a very supporter of web standards. I think....

In other news, I don't think this will make Opera a "serious competitor" for Firefox/Chrome/etc, if for no other reason than most people haven't heard of it before. They'll continue to use what they've heard of and are familiar with. I do like Opera, though, they've made a lot of good changes over the years.

Comment Re:straight priorities (Score 1) 973

That's not why wars are fought. Wars are fought over land and resources. There have only been a few wars (the Crusades come to mind) over philosophy.

At the risk of sounding like a pompous hippie-type [which I am not], why exactly does one group of people deserve to control the land and/or resources instead of another? If there are enough resources to sustain both groups, why not support both? If there are not, why is the best option to take it away from the weaker group? One could question why there are two groups to begin with as well....

I'd also disagree with your assessment of the causes of most wars. The middle-east, for example, has been basically continuously in a state of war for several thousand years, and it's not all resource-related, either. Germany did not declare war on the world [twice] because they needed more infrastructure [simplification, i know]. Wars are fought on policy, that's all.

I don't have all the solutions, in any case. I just have somewhat idealistic thoughts/concepts that I try to fit to the practical world in whatever way I can.

Comment straight priorities (Score 2, Insightful) 973

I think we could easily manage to come up with the necessary tools/technologies required for sustained space travel if and only if we stop focusing our time/money/effort on trying to kill each other. Where you were born or what you look like does not make you better than somebody else. Just because somebody disagrees with you does not make them wrong, or worthy of being persecuted and/or killed. Others do not exist to provide you with everything you want. Desire is not an occupation.

Granted, I think that most humans will always have a competitive side. But it's a little ridiculous for the US to spend almost 37 times as much on the military budget [via the DOD] as they do on space exploration/research. And those numbers do not include anything like the FBI, homeland security, veterans affairs, DOE, and interest/fees from previous wars. If you include those numbers, the military spending is more like 60 times as much as the NASA budget. That's pretty ridiculous, in my opinion.

Comment It's sad, too. (Score 1) 313

From what I've seen recently, EA had been doing much better in terms of games. They made my "do not buy" list a few years back with a multitude of lackluster and overpriced games, but they seemed to be turning over a new leaf. With this news, I guess not. [FYI, Ubisoft is the only other publisher/developer on that list atm]

They killed Command & Conquer, one of my favorite series ever. Outside of that, the only games I see on their released lists that I actually like are Crysis and Mass Effect. Everything else doesn't even interest me. So if I'm essentially a non-customer right now, how exactly is charging me to play demos of their games a good method for acquiring me as a customer ?

All I see here is a greater prevalence to shopping with companies like Valve. Anybody think TF2 would have done well if they charged you for each update ? Would anybody be playing it ? And instead, they have tens of thousands of players every single day. More than I can say for most games that are almost 3 years old. I just hope they maintain the same attitude with their customers in the future.

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