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Comment BBC to Charge BT for Content delivered. (Score 1) 229

In other new the BBC has announce it will start charging BT for the content that BT customers download.

OK I just made that up. But what the BBC is doing with the iPlayer is driving up demand for consumer broadband ... this is good for ISPs not bad. Every time the bbc mentions now available on the iPlayer (lots) any punter with out broadband has another incentive to give ISPs more money.

BT is already getting paid to deliver zeros and ones to its customers by its customers, why should they get paid twice?
BBC is already getting charged to push their zeros and ones to the internet, why should they pay twice.

If BT finds this situation unpleasant they could just block the iPlayer, I think this would be a very good way to see how many customers the BBC has given them, as BT watches them leave.


Submission + - Charles Schwab Picture Passwords Announced, Hacked

An anonymous reader writes: At the Internet Identity Workshop today, Vidoop demonstrated a picture password scheme and announced that it will be used by Charles Schwab's online website. In August 2007, Charles Schwab customers will be able to login by choosing the correct images, like a pizza or a car, from the Vidoop image grid. Vidoop claims that the scheme is invulnerable to phishing, keyloggers and "all prevalent forms of hacking", according to their website and TV commercial on YouTube. At the same workshop, Harvard and Commercenet announced that Vidoop is vulnerable to a simple man-in-the-middle phishing attack, and they posted a video of the attack in progress. If Charles Schwab or Vidoop read Slashdot, they would already know about the related attack on Bank of America's SiteKey and the Harvard study showing how easily SiteKey users are phished, which we were talking about weeks ago...

Submission + - Toyota going 100% hybrid by 2020

autofan1 writes: " utting-hybrid-costs/ Toyota's vice president in charge of powertrain development, Masatami Takimoto, has said cost cutting on the electric motor, battery and inverter were all showing positive results in reducing the costs of hybrid technology and by the time Toyota's sales goal of one million hybrids annually is reached, it "expect margins to be equal to gasoline cars". Takimoto also made the bold claim that by 2020, hybrids will be the standard drivetrain and account for "100 percent" of Toyota's cars as they would be no more expensive to produce than a conventional vehicle."

Submission + - Lookout! Google watches your gaming activity

Tookis writes: In a recent patent filing sure to shock some, Google has proposed a real time profiling of players of online games such as World of Warcraft. Soon players of such games may see in game ads directly designed to appeal to their persona. Last month Google filed a patent in both Europe and the US which outlined plans to psychologically profile people simply by their style of play in popular online games.

Submission + - PayPal's Recent System Plagues User Accounts

Tech_Maker_and_User writes: On Friday, May 11, I had funds from a customer deposit become unavailable to me from my PayPal account. When I called as to why I could not retrieve the funds I was informed by the customer service rep that there is a technical problem and that the problem would soon be resolved. After the weekend, I found that my funds were still unavailable to me for the one deposit. I decided to dig a little deeper and called back but this time spoke to a PayPal customer service representative named Kim. When I asked about the technical issue, she responded, "Do you mean the one plaguing PayPal?" She stated that PayPal recently applied a large system update which has produced this error. "We can see your deposit, but it doesn't reflect in your balance", said Kim. "We have a lot of developers working on this problem even over the weekend, but we cannot give an exact date as to when the problem will be resolved." Kim stated that they are not applying provisional credits because they chose to fix the problem and estimated that it wouldn't be long before the problem is resolved. She added my PayPal account to the "list" of other PayPal accounts that are experiencing this issue.

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