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Comment Re:Now Citrix can stop demo'ing GoToMeeting! (Score 4, Interesting) 43

Sadly, Linux support has been something Citrix engineering has pushed for (and has had working internal demos) for years, but it's repeatedly blocked for political reasons (Citrix is in bed with MS and incredibly gutless when it comes to anything it perceives as even slightly risking that relationship). Cloud Platforms other issue is lack of engineering resources. It simply doesn't have enough dev/qa for the task at hand, and the product quality shows this.

Comment Re: Technically DSLR doesn't specify a mirror or n (Score 1) 192

No, reflex does not have ANYTHING to do with the shutter. SLRs have always had a mirror on front of the shutter, the only real different is more modern systems automatic drop the mirror after the shot, whilst early systems had to do this manually. Some systems still allow you to manually lock the mirror out of the way, to reduce vibration when taking the shot. In TLR, reflex refers to the mirror used for viewing, again, nothing to do with the shutter. TLRs don't even use the same shutter system (leaf type) versus focal plane shutters used by SLRs.

Comment Re:Technically DSLR doesn't specify a mirror or no (Score 1) 192


SLR (single lens reflex) has a mirror, with either a pentaprism or pentamirror (where you stick your eyeball) to show you the view as it is through the lens.

SLR = Single Lens Reflex Technically, this does not signify the requirement of a mirror or not. It just specifies that the picture is exposed using the same lens that is used for framing. .

Not so sure about that... depends on how you define the meaning of 'reflex'. The 'reflex' can refer either to the use of a mirror (as in reflection and is the meaning for a TLR) or the automatic removal of the mirror (as in reflex action) when taking the shot. Probably both for SLR and DSLR. Take the mirror out of the equation and you just a SL without the R.

Comment Oh really? (Score 1) 450

Not sure any shaking is actually taking place here. I'm currently studying psychology and we've already come across examples of cultural affects on results in experimentation in the first year (and the experiments we've studied go back to the 60s/70s). Mind you, in ecomonics, doing some actual science would be ground breaking (you know your 'science' must be soft when psychologists think you're a bunch of light weights).

Comment Re:The Facts vs Global Media Reporting. (Score 1) 552

No it isn't, but we do have issues here... the biggest issues in my area (a new town town miles for the nearest city) is that there is nothing for the teens to do... nothing. The local youth centre is closed by 7pm, there is no sports centre, cinema, bowling alley within 10 miles, public transport sucks in the evenings... and then the local council wonder why there are bored teenagers causing problems? The problem is no one wants to try to sort this out, because it involves spending money, proper policing, better scools, better parenting, and it will take time. Why do all that when you can attach a noise maker to a building, and shift the problem elsewhere.

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