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Comment Re:"Orgone Generators" (Score 1) 432

The point is, that the unconsciesness is very powerful, probably more powerful than the consciesness. If one denies it, he will run into troubles. The point is, that people are actually right. When they feel ill, this is very, very real for them, thus it is meaningless to deny it, even worse, this denial will stimulate them to fight things. Another solution would be to tell them, that there's no know rational explanation, however, we accept that they find their salvation in their "Orgone Generator", thus we encourage them to set one up or even help/sponsor them to do so. I know quite some families where a wireless lan is set up and one or more family members get afraid of its radiation, so, if the industry produces wireless lan devices with "Orgone Generators" included, things may get more easily accepted.

Comment Re:"Orgone Generators" (Score 1) 432

I think, those fears have to be taken for real. People who suffer from that, are really affected by it, I have heard of many cases, where people get really ill, although this may be not much more than the well-known placebo effect. Fears from the unconsciousness can very often not be calmed by logic. However, another irrational belief that culminates in some device called "Orgone Generator", seems to relieve people from that fear, thus the unconsciousness found it's own solution. Well, my personal suggestion in this case would be to sponsor these Orgon-Generators, maybe, even implement them in the Wifi-Device. If marketed the right way, those Wifi-Hotspots may be seen as something positive, something that people like to set up as they produce "positive energy".

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