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Submission + - Community of Hacker Dojo raises a Kickstarter! (kickstarter.com)

c0sine writes: For those who do not know. Hacker Dojo is one of the premier hacker / co-working / community spaces in the San Francisco Bay area. It is a member run and operated; and open to general public — center full of technologists, entrepreneurs and gurus. On top of contributing to the local community HackerDojo.com also provides information, software and other resources for anyone interested in starting or running a (non affiliated) hackerspace.
Recently the City of Mountain View, concerned that the space is not zoned for teaching classes, has shut down more than half the space, stopped all large classes and conferences, and has given Hacker Dojo 6 months to do a quarter million dollars of improvements or face being shut down.
Their fundraising total is now ~$170K out of $250K. The kickstarter goes for 10 more days. Here is a recent article about them in Venture Beat (http://venturebeat.com/2012/08/10/hacker-dojo-interview/)


Submission + - Javascript Library Performance Test Roundup (pbwiki.com)

dustball23 writes: Performance results of Dojo, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, and Protoculous — as loaded by your browser and compared to the combined results from thousands of other testers. Some interesting results (hint: don't use packed scripts) as well as a wealth of data comparing various browsers, loading methods (gzipped vs not, cached, etc).

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