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Comment Or in my offce... (Score 1) 303

Thanks to Minnesota and the wonderful temperatures right now, really really bad windows, and being on the North-East side of the house and in the basement, I bet they could have got to 6.5GHz with air cooling in my office. The temp in there as we speak is 59.9F. It makes my server-cabinets interior temps run nice and cool anyway :)

Comment Re:Makes Sense (Score 1) 287

How about cooling for SMB's? I'll explain why I ask briefly and hope I don'pt piss anyone off by asking on this thread :) I have two cheap Home Depot kitchen cabinets (36" units each) that I use to house my firewall/router/switches/modem as well as 4 other 'servers' (samba, nfs, etc) and I've been playing with cooling them for a year and some change. Each cabinet has one 5" holes in the bottm front corners for intake, and one 5" hole in the upper rear for exhaust. I use one 120mm 12V fan in each exhaust port and rigged up some 6" ducting that go straight up, into the ceiling and blow into the next room. My office is in my basement and is usually 70-76F. One cabinet has more hardware than the other and stays around 5F warmer then ambient, while the other stays around 7F warmer. I use two IR temperature sensors and a remote monitor to keep an eye on things, as well as running lm-sensors on the boxen. I explained, and ask this because, if (say in the summer) my office is 76F, the temps inside the cabinets rise quiet a bit more then the 5-7F I mentioned above. Any ideas for improvement? I'd be happy to post some photo's some where if anyone is interested.

Submission + - Does 'Guge' sound too much like Google? (

duragnulinux writes: "It seems that yet another company doesn't like Google's name. This story on ZDNet has the companies complaints voiced by it's spokesperson, Tian Yunshan, saying that "similarities between its name and Google's commercial name have created confusion among people who, in trying to contact the search engine, mistakenly call Beijing Guge's office and disrupt work there." Is it just me, or is everyone trying to get something for nothing these days?"

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