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Submission + - It's almost too crazy to be true - BBM on your iPhone (

dupeisdead writes: We all know a lot of former BlackBerry users who have gone to greener pastures and fancier phones with the iPhone or Android based phones... and most of them always were sad about the lost of BBM, the crowning jewel of BlackBerry social networking. For years there were rumours it would be available on other phones, now it has been confirmed. Has BlackBerry finally learned to play nicely with everyone else?

Submission + - SPAM: Now Phone Charging 40 Percent Faster with Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology

vividtimes writes: "Is your new phone charging much faster than your old one? It’s not your imagination, it’s by design. Your new phone or tablet could have new Qualcomm technology that speeds up charging so you can pick up your mobile device and go.

Quick Charge is an integrated circuit board built into the USB connector on a smartphone, tablet or interface, and it cuts the charging time down by 40 percent, resulting in a maximum recharge time of three hours instead of four. In case we needed reminding, Qualcomm says the less time your phone is on charge, the more time you’ll have it ready to use."

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Submission + - Texting Drivers Take Eyes Off Road 5s on Avg

An anonymous reader writes: More than 5000 people die each year as a result of being distracted while driving, and a new study indicates that teens and cell phones make for the most volatile combination.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that of all drivers under 20 involved in fatal crashes, 16 percent were distracted — the highest proportion of any age group.

"Shockingly, texting drivers took their eyes off the road for each text an average of 4.6 seconds — which at 55 mph, means they were driving the length of a football field without looking," said David Hosansky,

Submission + - "First Base" in Greek Courts for ISP-level Blocking (

arisvega writes: At a first level (the lowest court level in the Greek judiciary system) an order has been issued (article in Greek, Google translation is fair enough) for a "plan on behalf of Internet Service Providers regarding he implementation of technological measures to deny access to internet users for webpages through which illegal copies of copyrighted work are being distributed". The order seems to be general and descriptive, and is a manifestation of the implementation process for an even more general and vague larger-scale EU directive, which is the common source that caused the rulings recently posted on slashdot regarding the UK, the Netherlands and Finland. This appears to be one of the reasons that prompted Anonymous to launch defacing attacks on Greek government websites some three months back.

Submission + - ARM, Intel Battle Heats Up 1

An anonymous reader writes: Low-power processor maker ARM Holdings is stepping up rhetoric against chip rival Intel, saying it expects to take more of Intel's market share than Intel can take from them. With Intel being the No. 1 supplier of notebook PC processors, and ARM technology almost ubiquitously powering smartphones, the two companies are facing off as they both push into the other's market space.

"It's going to be quite hard for Intel to be much more than just one of several players," ARMs CEO said of Intel.

Submission + - MIT Study finds low doses of radiation have lower effects than expected (

msevior writes: "A new study from MIT scientists suggests that the guidelines governments use to determine when to evacuate people following a nuclear accident may be too conservative.

The study, led by Bevin Engelward and Jacquelyn Yanch and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives , found that when mice were exposed to radiation doses about 400 times greater than background levels for five weeks, no DNA damage could be detected."

Comment Re:Its like it costs Comcast less to stream their (Score 1) 272

Data from Comcast to customer is half the bandwidth compared to data from Netflix to Comcast to customer.

Not exactly. Netflix has deals with large CDNs to basicly setup a big server on your network and stream from there. same way as microsoft updates, apple updates, wow updates etc. Same way as most of the cable company's "ondemand" services work really.

Comment Re:The excuse I needed... (Score 1) 409

Same here. Verizon DSL has sent me 3 emails (about 2 years ago) where they caught me downloading movies or tv shows. I'm curious what they will do to me next time I'm caught. One thing's for sure:

I'm not going to go out and buy Hollywood's crap, unless it's something I've already seen and liked -- such as Battlestar Galactica. This past year I downloaded about 200 movies and liked almost none of them. TV shows were a little better percentage but not by much.

Instead I'll just read science fiction in books and magazines. Or watch free TV (the 45 channels I get over the antenna). Or free hulu. Or cheap games ($20 for 40+ hours is a good bargain). It makes no sense to buy movie/show DVDs when they have no return policy for the crap, and there are so many other options.

That's a lot of movies in a year. But the ones you did like, did you contribute anything back to them? If you liked 10 out of the 200 movies, i hope you bought them afterwards.


Submission + - BART police close transit stations, detain press (

BeatTheChip writes: "BART police were accompanied by a number of visible DHS federal police to close of the Powell St. transit areas, in efforts to control ongoing #OpBart protests. According to twitter accounts credentialled media were coralled,detained, press passes siezed, photocopied and fingerprints taken.
Press corps, who were later released, were given an ultimatum by police: leave or be arrested."

Submission + - poisoning DNS 2

klic writes: (formerly acquired the free-as-in-beer in January 2010. Three months ago, they allegedly announced the discontinuation of DNS service on September 9th to the 100K+ former customers of They are now enforcing that discontinuation by periodically redirecting DNS to their site, and serving a nag page on the web, rather than merely shutting down so the DNS system finds alternate servers. This DNS cache poisoning is messing up email and web service for thousands of sites, and some webmasters are only learning about the discontinuation now, from their frustrated users.

I've never used, though I am a VIP customer at . Given their heinous behavior, and its affect on many of the websites I use, I may take my future DNS and registration business elsewhere.

Comment Re:Free OSS for lawyers? (Score 1) 67

Just what lawyers need, free software because they don't bill enough to pay for software and the jobs it supplies.

Typical lawyers, want to charge you $$$ (250+ an hour) and yet spend NOTHING on the backend. They do not know the value of other people's time while over-valuing their own.

I do consulting for several lawyer firms, from 1 person to assisting 40 person firms. They do have specialiazed software programs that are $$$$$. Not to mention the online access to case history and trials is a yearly subscription. Say what you want about lawyers themselves, but the firms do have a lot of backend costs. Same as most industries really.

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