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Submission + - What Does Google Do With All The Information It Collects? 1

An anonymous reader writes: About two thirds of websites run Google code (mostly Analytics, AdSense, and +1) that tells Google what you do there and where you came from. (Also Analytics is used by 63% of Fortune 500 companies and 71% of the top 10k websites.) 800 million Android phones are in use (that's 11% of all humans), telling Google pretty much everywhere they go, everything they do, and everyone they talk to. Hundreds of millions of people use Google Maps. Over 400 million people use Gmail, telling Google everything they write and receive by email. Plus untold millions use Google Toolbar. Does Google do anything with this data? And even if they "don't be evil" with it today, is there anything stopping them from "being evil" with it tomorrow? What about 20 years from now when they are a second-rate company and some investment group buys out their assets? Do you block Google code in your browsing habits? Do you run Google code on your websites?

Submission + - Uncut Left 4 Dead 2 classified as R18+ in Australia (

dotarray writes: The uncut version of Left 4 Dead 2 has just been re-classified by the Australian Classifications Board, and granted an R18+ rating. Yes, that's the original version of the game that caused so much drama when it was initially submitted nearly 5 years ago and played such a big part in the push for Australia's adults-only rating.

Submission + - Solving the mystery of ancient stars with too many heavy metals

StartsWithABang writes: When you think about the stars in the sky, it takes some study to realize that the bluest, brightest stars are also the shortest lived. So when we look at a cluster of stars — or any stellar population — we can figure out how old it is by looking at the color and magnitude of the brightest, bluest main-sequence stars that are still alive. In general, the oldest objects are the reddest globular clusters, which formed when the Universe was only a few hundred million years old. Because the Universe was mostly hydrogen and helium at the time, enriched by relatively few generations of stars, these clusters tend to have very small amounts of heavy elements like iron, sometimes as little as 1% of what’s in our Sun. So when a star cluster has a color/magnitude diagram that says it's very old but a heavy element abundance that says it's relatively young, who wins? We all do, by learning more about how, when and where atomic riches accumulate in galaxies!

Comment Re:It's Actually A Good Point (Score 1) 771

Fact: We are pumping and mining billions of tons of hydrocarbons out of the ground each year, and then burning most of it. Fact: The earth's climate is warming faster than it typically has during previous warming episodes. You are probably not a very rational person if you don't believe these facts. They are simple measurements that have been taken in multiple ways. One may choose to focus on outliers that disagree with the bulk of the data, but such a focus is not rational. You are also probably not a very rational person if you don't accept that the above facts are likely related to each other. It is exceedingly unlikely that such a dramatic rate of consumption would not have atmospheric and thus climatic impacts. One may as well believe that the oceans are too big to be polluted or over fished. That there is a correlation between such irrational points of view with conspiracy theorists and the religious right is hardly surprising. If one is irrational about their religious point of view, or political, or historical they are likely irrational in other ways as well.
The Courts

Submission + - X-Rays show memory card still in digestive tract of accused hang glider. (

dumuzi writes: A hang glider instructor in British Columbia is accused of obstructing justice during a police investigation of the death of one of his passengers. Lenami Godinez's boyfriend bought her a hang gliding experience for their anniversery. Immediatly after take off Godinez began to fall. She struggled to hold onto the pilot William Orders, who attemped to help her according to bystanders. Godinez was unable to hang on and fell to her death. A police investigation revealed the memory card from the camera attached to the hang glider was missing and Orders was arrested for obstruction of justice. Several recent X-Rays show the memory card is making its way through Orders digestive tract while he is being held in custody. The card likely contains video evidence which is expected to be intact once the memory card is recovered.

Comment Re:Time delay - info from the future? (Score 1) 465

How would the no-communication theorem take effect in the following: With a very long fiber optic cable send the two photons in, knowing that if some stock goes up tomorrow then Victor will entangle them, Alice and Bob measure the photons today and then decide whether or not to invest in the stock. It may require a 7 billion mile (twice the distance to pluto) long fiber optic cable (assuming the index of refraction is about 1.5), but perhaps a superhigh index of refraction material, like a bose-einstien condensate would help. Actually instead of a fiber optic cable just put a big mirror on Pluto.

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