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Comment Re:Article blatantly mistaken (Score 1) 491

I was going to mention this myself. It is indeed exactly 3 shots to the head that will drop a standard zombie. I know for a fact as I enjoyed getting perfect headshot kills on the zombies with the pistol (good for saving higher caliber weapons for times of need). I even recall one of the pre-release interviews talking about how well the per-pixel hit detection code was working, to the point where the testers were complaining about how hard it was to hit anything.

IMO, the entire article followed this trend: a mix of misinformation and heavily slanted personal opinion. Didn't like Doom 3? Fine. Leave it for those of us that loved the game (and the expansion) and have it installed long after other big name games have been played, beaten and uninstalled. The article title itself was both misleading and fabricated entirely from one man's personal opinion.

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