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Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 168

OH stfu. You've been reading to much Ayn Rand. As it's already been stated - no one reaches these levels of success on their own. Yes he had a good idea, yes he worked hard to make it happen but he didn't do it in a vacuum. He was in the right place - at the right time. He came from a background of privilege. He had opportunities in his life that 98% of Americans, let alone humanity do not have. Quit pretending that people who through ingenuity, hard work, and not a little bit of luck and fortune are somehow the salvation of humanity. It's f*%cking nauseating.

Comment Re:How did that get uprated? (Score 1) 457

I'm not going to waste any more of my time trying to debate with you

Of course you're not. Just keep telling yourself 'progressive bad' over and over again.

There is nothing socialist about this current administration. Universal healthcare is NOT socialism. Placing government controls over infrastructure is not socialism.

In a later post you mention how European socialist countries are struggling. You neglect to mention Norway and Sweden, the most socialist leaning countries of all.

Comment Amnesia? (Score 1) 1721

I mostly LIKE barack but I seriously had to sit here for about 10 seconds and try to come to grips with fact that I just lost almost 6 months of my life and that today was April 1st. Honestly - wtf were they thinking. If this is some kind of political maneuvering Obamas part then it's deserves to backfire on him. I wonder if he could refuse to accept the aware. Of course that too would have it's on political consequences

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