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Comment Re:Mistrial! (Score 1) 478

Patent lawyers and judges often have an undergraduate degree in their field of specialization. It is implausible to have once earned a CS or related degree from a real university and then not be able to code something simple like the stated problem in few hours or days at most, perhaps equipped with reference guides for the language and / or editor. These are smart people with decent technical backgrounds. The judge isn't the anomaly; the patent lawyer who would take 6 months to code a simple problem is the anomoly.

Comment Re:This happens more than you think (Score 1) 190

I wonder what the best way would be to out a principal's account. You could feed it misinformation and see what happens afterwards, but it might be hard to determine whether the account is fake or just relayed the misinformation to the fake account. Maybe the easiest way is to accuse first (as the QB did) and ask for forgiveness later if the guess was wrong.

Comment No psychological baggage my ass. (Score 1) 126

In 2015, Koshimizu, struggling financially, sells his accumulated pressure sensor data to a third party software animation company. The third party matches the data with leaked DMV license photos and registration information. Two months later, is one of the 100 most visited sites in the world.

Comment Re:2.2250738585072011e-308 (Score 1) 213

This number is just smaller than 2^(-1022).

According to python, 2.0 ** -1022 == 2.2250738585072014e-308. You can check that last significant digit in the mantissa using integer math in python:

>>> x = 22250738585072011
>>> y = 22250738585072014
>>> for num in xrange(1022): x *= 2; y *= 2 ...
>>> print str(x)[:20], '...', str(x)[-20:]
99999999999999987277 ... 51323238920926265344
>>> print str(y)[:20], '...', str(y)[-20:]
10000000000000000075 ... 77840486139094368256

The number in question is just beyond the range that fp is intended enough to handle, but probably not far enough for some initial validation logic to catch. It is probably not too difficult for the bug fixers to verify that the range issues are handled properly now that they know about it.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2, Funny) 1020

In Sweden, it is considered rape if a woman asks a guy to stop, even if they have been rutting for twenty minutes and he's five seconds from orgasm.

Five seconds? How many seconds of continuation does the guy get? Clearly, if she asks him to stop while he's starting his forward thrust he should be able to blame the subsequent motion on inertia, right? Is the threshold in seconds or cycles? Does it take position into account?

Social Networks

Meg Whitman Campaign Shows How Not To Use Twitter 147

tsamsoniw writes "California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's campaign team attempted to share with her Twitter followers an endorsement from a police association. Unfortunately, the campaign press secretary entered an incorrect or incomplete URL in the Tweet, which took clickers to a YouTube video featuring a bespectacled, long-haired Japanese man in a tutu and leggings rocking out on a bass guitar. And for whatever reason, the Tweet, which went out on the 18th, has remained active through today."

Comment Re:I wold love a car that drives itself... (Score 1) 561


To save money, you could also start drinking before you get to the bar, or en route to the bar. And if you pick someone up for casual sex, you can start on her in the back seat on the way home. Since the car will be doing the driving, the windows can be dark enough for you to have complete privacy.

Comment Re:Justice is Served (Score 1) 432

That's faulty reasoning. The people who don't mind prison life aren't the ones getting butt-raped. The people who don't fit in are. Butt-raping, and any other prisoner v. prisoner battery tends to affect those for whom prison life is already the worst. Prison butt-rape is extreme bullying in an environment where bullying is condoned by the administration. As bullying, it IS funny, once you manage to suppress your pesky sense of altruism.

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